The Best Vodafone Broadband Deals in June, 2024

Compare the best Vodafone broadband deals and packages for your home.

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Compare Vodafone Broadband Deals in 2024

With Vodafone, you can get multiple different broadband deals that include both broadband-only packages and ones that allow you to bundle additional services like TV. 

As well as offering broadband, Vodafone is also one of the leading telephone mobile networks in the UK and worldwide. As a result of this, you can also get broadband and sim deals with Vodafone, allowing you to bundle both your broadband and mobile data to help save money. 

If you’re looking to switch your broadband provider, Vodafone may be a great option for you. 

You can compare the best Vodafone broadband packages against other providers here on Switch My Broadband to see how it stacks up. If you like the look of Vodafone, here’s more information on the provider and an in-depth guide on the packages available to you so that you can select the best Vodafone broadband packages for you in 2024. 

Who is Vodafone?

Vodafone is the largest mobile and fixed network operator in all of Europe and serves multiple countries not just on this continent but also in other areas around the world too, such as Asia and Oceania. 

Primarily being a mobile network, Vodafone also offers broadband packages to UK citizens and has been doing so since 2015. Compared to other broadband providers, such as BT, this service is very young; however, Vodafone is a company that has been in the telecommunications industry for decades and is vastly experienced. 

When looking solely at their broadband, around 27 million people have Vodafone broadband. That makes it a fairly large provider, demonstrating considerable growth in the seven years it’s been a broadband provider. 

Beyond that, Vodafone serves 300 million mobile customers worldwide, making it a juggernaut in the industry. 

What makes Vodafone a unique broadband provider when compared to other options is that they have taken the stance of being a fibre-only broadband provider. This means that Vodafone broadband deals start at pretty high speeds, making it a more reliable provider than others. 

Although, this approach does mean that Vodafone isn’t as widely available to the UK public as other providers that still offer standard broadband. This is because fibre isn’t available everywhere in the UK.

Vodafone Broadband deals explained

Vodafone offers its customers many different services that span multiple telecommunication products. These services can be bought independently from each other or bundled together in a complete package. The wide variety of options that Vodafone offers makes it a great choice for many customers in the UK. 

With Vodafone, you can get:

  • Broadband 
  • Landline
  • Digital TV
  • Mobile data

With Vodafone, you can get mobile data and a phone contract without having to get it with broadband. However, their other services require that you bundle it with broadband.

Broadband only

Technically, Vodafone doesn’t offer broadband-only packages. This is because you are required to have a landline to get a connection. Vodafone uses this landline connection to give you your broadband, so you’ll have to get a new number when getting Vodafone. If you don’t have a phone line, you’ll have to have one installed. This can cost around £50.

Thankfully, if you already have the wires installed, Vodafone does not charge you for getting a landline with your broadband, making it a free service.

Vodafone is a fibre-only provider. This means that you can’t get ADSL broadband with them. This means that even cheap Vodafone broadband deals can get you faster speeds. 

To deliver its cheapest broadband deals, Vodafone uses FTTC fibre connections. This uses the Openreach network that BT created to transfer fibre optic between connection boxes. However, to get your broadband from a connection box to your house, FTTC still uses copper wired phone lines. This slows down your fibre broadband. 

To get the fastest options with Vodafone, you’ll need FTTP connections, which use a fibre optic cable that is connected directly to your home. 

Broadband and TV

In addition to being able to have broadband-only packages, which also include a landline for no extra charge) you can also get an upgrade bundle called Vodafone Pro Xtra that includes digital TV. 

This bundle gives you access to an Apple TV 4K device that you can plug into your TV. This is primarily an app-based gadget and gives you a convenient way to watch Netflix and other streaming platforms, in addition to Apple TV content. 

This box also includes many of the streaming services offered by Freeview channels, such as BBC Iplayer and ITV Hub. These platforms let you watch both live TV and shows on demand. 

This deal gives you free Apple TV for a few months; however, you’ll already need a subscription to access things like Netflix or Disney+. 

Unlike digital TV offered by Sky or Virgin, you don’t get any additional TV channels, making this package a bit limited compared to what’s offered elsewhere.

Broadband and Mobile

With Vodafone, you can also get a broadband bundle that also includes mobile data. This is called Vodafone Together and is a good option if you want to save on two essential services.

According to Vodafone, you can save around £380 a year when you move your family’s broadband and plans to Vodafone in a combined package.

When you get a Vodafone mobile plan while being a broadband customer, you can save £3 a month on broadband and add as many sims to the plan that you’d like. You’ll save up to 30% off the data for each sim you add, making this a good deal. 

Vodafone has a great mobile network, making them a good option if you want mobile data. In fact, Vodafone is one of the most used networks in the UK, making them a well-trusted broadband provider to bundle with mobile data.

What customers say about Vodafone Broadband deals

Before comparing the details of each Vodafone plan, it can be a good idea to look at reviews. Seeing what current and past customers of Vodafone are saying about the provider can help you figure out what to expect. 

Reviews can inform you about things that a provider does well and also make you aware of any potential shortcomings. 

Here’s a look at how Vodafone broadband ranked on Trustpilot, the premier review aggregator website online. There’s also other information about its performance based on public opinion and awards.

If you want to see how Vodafone compares to other major providers in terms of its reviews in a more in-depth way, you can find it in our detailed guide on switching on Switch My Broadband.

Review Score 

Vodaphone doesn’t rank very well when you compare it to other broadband providers. On Trustpilot, it has a score of 1.4 out of 5. This makes it a bad-rated business and usually should be one that you avoid in most cases. 

However, when reviewing the scores of all major broadband providers, you’ll find that many have equally poor review scores. This is because broadband can be seen as an essential service that people rely on. When things go wrong, people may be more inclined to leave harsher reviews than they may for a different business. 

Low scores for broadband providers shouldn’t put you off. To get a fair reflection of how good a provider is, only compare it with other providers. 

With that said, a score of 1.4 out of 5 still means that Vodafone is one of the lowest ranking major broadband brands. This means that you may get a better service with another provider. 

Vodafone has been reviewed on Trustpilot by over 16,000 people, which is a large sample size and indicates that this score is accurate and is less likely to be boosted by fake reviews.

When looking at the percentage of reviews that gave Vodafone 5 stars, only 7% of all the reviews gave them full marks. This is very low, and when you see that 87% of all reviews gave it 1 star, it’s clear that many customers have had a poor experience with Vodafone. 

Common Complaints

A big common complaint for Vodafone is that many customers will report that their internet drops out and that they cannot obtain the speeds they’re paying for. 

You’ll find that this type of complaint is frequent among all broadband providers and isn’t a clear indictment against Vodafone specifically. 

This is because many customers accidentally choose broadband packages that don’t offer the needed speeds. Many do this in an attempt to save money; however, going for a cheaper package may result in a service that isn’t up to scratch for your needs. For example, a family of 4 will need around 60Mbps to have reliable internet when all are using it. If they opt for a plan that gives them around 30Mbps, then they’ll suffer slowdowns because they have a demand that’s higher than this. 

That’s why getting the right broadband package for your usage needs is important. 

However, a complaint against Vodafone that appears a lot in reviews that are merited is against their customer service. Many claim that Vodafone customer services prolong the experience for customers with a legitimate complaint, with many reporting that they’ve had to stay on customer services for multiple hours. 

Many have also claimed that they’ve been passed around to multiple departments and customer service operatives to get help. When this happens, many customers recount having to reexplain the problem each time they’re passed on to someone else. This suggests that Vodafone’s customer service is very disorganised and does not track your complaint history to give you a concise experience. In fact, many customers theorise that they purposely use time-wasting tactics to put you off from contacting them in the future.

Common Praises 

Although praise is hard to find on review websites, with it instead being a sea of negative experiences, there are a few instances of people praising the value of money Vodafone offers. 

This is an accurate observation, as many of their packages give you faster speeds at a lower price than some of Vodafone’s competitors do. In fact, Vodafone is cheaper than BT and gives you access to fast speeds, providing that you can get it in your area. 

Another good thing about Vodafone that past customers pointed out is how easy the switching process was. This is encouraging for users who may be getting a short-term contract with Vodafone with the intention of switching to a different provider to help them stay ahead and get the cheapest deals. 


Vodafone has managed to pick up a few recent awards that do give it some credibility and makes it an interesting option. 

The most relevant award that they managed to pick up is the Best Network For Business award at the Mobile Industry Awards in 2021. This refers to their mobile network and isn’t related to their broadband. Still, it shows that Vodafone can be a good option for businesses interested in mobile data and broadband packages. 

Best Vodafone Broadband packages

Vodafone offers multiple broadband-only packages, which all have great potential to be the best Vodafone broadband packages for you, depending on your preferences and needs. 

Each package offers different speeds and increases in price and average download speeds. 

When comparing the prices of Vodafone packages, be aware that not all of them will be available in your local area. This is because some of the more advanced speeds, such as full fibre, may not have been installed in your area, especially if you live in a rural location. 

Plus, the prices you’re quoted may differ from what’s presented in this article. This is because different packages have different costs that are dictated by your location. Two identical packages can have different prices in London and Newcastle.

The prices quoted in the following section are for an address in Essex. This location was chosen as it is semi-rural and close to London, a major city. 

Superfast 1

Price: £22 a month

Average Speed: 36Mbps 

Although you can get fast speeds of around 36Mbps, this is Vodafone’s slowest broadband option, which is a significant benefit of its fibre-only approach. 

With 36Mbps, you’ll have internet that will be able to handle high-quality streaming and downloads for an individual or a couple of people within the household. 

At this price point, Vodafone offers an 18Mbps minimum download speed at all times. This means that if your speed drops below this for over three days consecutively, you’ll be able to get a discount on your broadband or leave your contract without an early exit fee. 

The price point for this broadband package is good and affordable and is a few pounds per month cheaper than similar packages offered by other providers. 

When you get this package as a current Vodafone customer, you can also get discounts, making it even cheaper for you. 

This speed is delivered via an FTTC connection, meaning that the fibre optic cables only go far as your on-street cabinet. The wiring from the cabinet to your home is done by copper wires, which slows down the speed. However, because it uses a landline to get the broadband to your home, this broadband option is widely available to most, making it one of their most popular package. 

With Superfast 1 broadband, you can expect a 4.5GB download to take around 18 minutes and photos sized 250Mb to take around 4 minutes.

This broadband package has no upfront costs, and it comes with an Intelligent wifi Hub. 

You can also upgrade this broadband package to the pro version. This gives you an automatic 4G backup. So, when you experience slow-downs in your speed, this will kick in to provide you with unbreakable coverage. You also get Norton antivirus protection which can protect your devices from viruses and malware when using the web. 

This upgraded version costs a fair bit more a month, at £30, and may not be the best value for money at that price point.

Superfast 2

Price: £22 a month 

Average Speed: 73Mbps

Being more than twice the speed despite being the same price as Superfast 1, this broadband package is easily one of the best Vodafone broadband packages the company offers. 

At such a low price point, this option offers great value for money and is something that all customers should consider if they’re able to get it. 

An average speed of 73Mbps is more than enough to handle heavy internet usage for a couple of people, making this package great for partners. Two people can stream simultaneously with this speed, and uploads and downloads are also noticeably quicker. 

When you get this broadband option as a pre-existing mobile customer, you can also get more discounts, making it even better value and one of the best cheap Vodafone broadband deals. 

Typically, monthly prices for this speed with other providers will cost closer to £30, meaning that you’re saving a lot when you choose Vodafone over other options. 

With this broadband package, you’re guaranteed a speed of 37Mbps no matter the time. So even if you experience drops in performance, it’ll still be more than capable of constantly delivering you good speeds. 

When downloading a 4.5GB game, it will usually take around 10 minutes, and uploading a photo that’s as large as 250MB should take less than 2 minutes, which is noticeably snapper than the previous option. 

This package has no upfront costs, and it comes with an Intelligent wifi Hub.

There’s also the option to upgrade this broadband package to the Pro version. This gives you an automatic 4G broadband backup that kicks in when your broadband drops to ensure that you always get the best coverage when at home. You can also get free Norton 360 Premium protection for the year to help keep your devices safe from viruses when using the web. 

However, this costs a fair bit more at £30 and may not represent the most valuable deal that Vodafone can offer. 

Superfast 100

Price: £25 a month

Average Speed: 100Mbps 

This Vodafone broadband package gives you access to impressive speeds of 100Mbps on average. This speed is great for families of around four who are all average internet users and stream content such as Netflix or play video games online. 

The price point for this speed is also very well priced, costing £25 a month, making it a good budget option for those who can access the top speeds in the country. 

You can get a lot faster than this with other competitors; however, for most, this level of speed is perfectly capable of providing coverage that won’t buffer or slow down. 

When you get this broadband package, you’ll have a download speed guarantee of 50Mbps. If you go below this speed for more than three days, you’ll be able to cancel your contract for no cost. 

With this average download speed, a 4.5GB video game will take around 6 minutes to install, which is rapid compared to other speeds. Uploading images, however, still takes 2 minutes, which is no faster than the previous package. 

Like all the previous packages you can get with Vodafone, there are no upfront costs, and you can also get an Intelligent wifi Hub when you get this broadband. 

It’s important to remember that not all households can get this package, as it requires full-fibre connections, which isn’t available in many locations in the UK. So, be sure to see if you’re location is eligible before considering this package. 

If you can get it, it’s also possible to upgrade it to the Pro version. With this, you’ll also get 4G broadband backup which ensures that your speeds are always super fast, and you’ll also get fantastic virus protection from Norton 360 that lasts an entire year. 

The Pro package costs £33 a month, which is a big increase from the non-pro option and may not be the most value-for-money option when considering the bonuses you get.

Ultrafast 200

Price: £35 a month 

Average Speed: 200Mpps

This is one of Vodafone’s fastest internet options and delivers amazing speeds that can serve an entire family with unwavering internet access. 

When streaming with this broadband package, you’ll be able to do so on multiple devices at the same time without there being a noticeable impact on quality and download speeds. 

In fact, speeds like this are great for those working from home, as they can handle large video conferences and big files, making your work seamless. 

The price for this package is a lot more than the previous options, making it a more premium choice and may not suit those looking for a bargain. At £35, it’s still around the average for broadband of this speed, but with you being able to get Superfast 100 for £120 less a year, it may not be the best option when considering Vodafone broadband deals. 

With that said, the speeds are impressive. When downloading a 4.5GB game, it’ll only take around 3 minutes, and uploads see a massive reduction in wait time, with photos of 250MB only taking 10 seconds to upload. 

If you’re in the market for speeds this fast and cheaper packages don’t give you the speeds that you need, then this can be a good option for you. 

As is the case for all the other Vodafone packages, there are no upfront or installation costs that you have to pay, and this package comes with an Intelligent wifi Hub. 

Like the other packages, this one can also be upgraded to the Pro version, which gives you unbreakable 4G backup and Norton antivirus protection for a year. The Pro version of this package costs £43, which is a massive increase from the standard version of this Vodafone broadband deal. 

Why should I switch To Vodafone?

One of the biggest reasons to switch to Vodafone broadband deals is because they are a pretty cheap option for the speed you can get. Vodafone is much cheaper than other brands that offer fast fibre optic speeds, making it a great option if you want these speeds for a good rate. 

In fact, Vodafone’s cheap broadband deals give you an average speed of just over 30Mbps. This is far greater than others, making it a great value for money provider.  

Vodafone is also great if you’re a current mobile customer. This is because you can get substantial discounts that can make your broadband even cheaper and also gives you discounts on your mobile data. 

You also get the option to upgrade your broadband to their Pro option. This gives you more reliable internet that’s unbreakable, meaning that it shouldn’t slow down or buffer. This upgrade can be made at any time during your contract, which adds a nice amount of flexibility. 

The set-up for Vodafone is also very easy, and you can get your broadband up and running within a matter of minutes. 

Why should I avoid Vodafone?

The biggest flaw for Vodafone is that because of their approach as being a fibre-only provider; you are unable to get it if you live in an area that doesn’t have fibre optic installed yet. This means that rural areas can’t access Vodafone and may not get a good service from them. 

Another big turn-off from Vodafone is their lacklustre TV package. Vodafone does offer a digital TV package; however, if you’re looking to get one of these bundles, Vodafone should be avoided in favour of other, more established and high-value options. 

With Vodafone, you get an Apple TV box, which gives you access to multiple streaming platforms and Freeview TV channels. However, apart from a few free months of Apple TV when you first get this bundle, you’ll have to pay for all the other platforms. 

When you get digital TV from Sky or Virgin with broadband, you’ll have access to additional channels as part of your deal, making it a much better package overall.

Vodafone Broadband deals FAQs

The set-up process for most of Vodafone's packages is pretty straightforward, making them pretty quick so that you can get your broadband up and running. Most of the time, you can set up your broadband connection in a matter of minutes. 

What can take Vodafone a little time is that you have to wait for your router to be sent to you via the post. This can take up to a week, but once it arrives, you'll be able to easily unbox it and plug it in, following the clear instructions on the box. 

What's awesome about Vodafone is that the router fits through your letter box. This means that you don't have to be at home to receive it. 

If you've never had a landline connected to your property or are switching to Vodafone for a network that doesn't use BT Openreach, you'll need to get an engineer to install it. This shouldn't take more than an hour at most, although do be aware that you will need to be home when they arrive to let the engineer in. 

Packages that have been upgraded to Vodafone Pro take a little bit more work but should still be pretty easy to install. With this, you'll also get your Wi-Fi Boosters sent in the post alongside your router. You'll need to download an app when setting up these boosters to ensure that you position them in the best possible places in your home.

If you need an engineer to come in and install a new phoneline so that you can be connected to Vodaphone broadband, you may have to pay a fee of around £49 to cover it. 

Thankfully, most homes in the UK have a connection to broadband via Openreach, so you're unlikely to need an installation when getting broadband that delivers speeds up to 63Mbps. If this is the case, then you can install your broadband yourself, and it's usually pretty each and won't cost you a thing. 

If you're getting a package that offers speeds of over 63Mbps, you will need to install a street cable that goes directly to your home. Again, this institution may cost around £49 and could take up to 4 hours to complete.

Vodafone uses the Openreach network to provide broadband to their customers. BT operates this Openreach network, and 99% of the population is connected to it. This means that Vodafone's slower fibre optic speeds that use this Openreach connection are widely available. However, there are a few limitations, and it's important to check if your area can get Vodafone. 

As the provider is fibre-optic only, if you live in an area that can only get ADSL connections, you won't be able to get Vodafone at all, no matter what plan you choose. 

If you want to get Vodafone's faster speeds or 100Mbps or more, you will need a full-fibre connection that goes directly to your property. This type of connection isn't widely available yet in the UK. 

You're more likely to be able to get these faster speeds if you live in a highly populated town or city or live somewhere a bit more rural that is nearby for a major city. 

Before opting for any new provider, make sure that you're aware of what speeds and providers you can get in your area, as this can help limit your choices and stop you from buying broadband from providers that can't actually give you a good service. Use Switch My Broadband to run a speed test on your property to see what you can get.

You can get packages with Vodafone, which offers multiple different speeds. However, you cannot get speeds slower than 30Mbps due to Vodafone being a fibre-only network. 

Depending on your area, you're able to get speeds from Vodafone up to 900Mbps, although this is only reserved for major cities and highly built-up areas, and it'll be a bit of a lottery to see if you can get it in your house. 

The main broadband packages most homes can get with Vodafone are their 36Mbps package, 73Mbps, 100Mbps, and 200Mbps. 

When choosing which speed is best for you, you need to consider the usage of everyone in your household. 

If you're a single user who streams regularly, then you won't need more than around 30Mbps. For couples or families with average internet users, 60Mbps would be suitable and provide a good service. 

If you have multiple devices connected to the internet and have a family full of people who are streaming simultaneously, you'll likely need 100Mbps to keep up with that demand. 

Finally, a speed of 200Mbps is best suited to high-intensity users, such as those who work from home or who have very large families where a lot of people are streaming high-quality videos and games. 

Vodafone is a fibre-only broadband provider. This means that even cheap Vodafone broadband deals will be provided through fibre optic and that you can't get ADSL broadband.

With Vodafone being a fibre-only network, it does mean that its availability is far more limited than other providers. If you cannot get fibre broadband, you won't be able to use Vodafone and will have to consider another provider. 

Before comparing Vodafone packages, check to see what broadband you can get for your household.

Fibre broadband can be delivered to your home in two different ways, and each type will affect the top speeds you can get. 

The most common type is FTTC. This stands for fibre to the cabinet. With this type of connection, fibre optic cables with glass fragments transport data around the country. These glass fibres are used because you can send broadband over light with them, which is much faster than electricity. 

These cables only go as far as the connection boxes you find on-street. Traditional copper wires are used to transport your broadband to your homes from these boxes. These copper wires slow down the speeds of the broadband, which is why you can't obtain super-fast speeds with FTTC fibre broadband. 

FTTP is different because instead of going to the on-street cabinets, the fibre optic cables go all the way to your property. This means that high-speed broadband can be maintained, and this is what allows for breakneck speeds. FTTP is also known as 'full fibre', and this is because there is no interruption of the connection. Instead, you're getting an authentic fibre broadband experience.

FTTP connections aren't available everywhere and are, at the moment, mainly found in highly populated towns and cities. It also can't be used in places with challenging terrain. This is why FTTC fibre is the most popular because more people can get it, and the speeds provided are still fast enough for most functions. 

FTTC fibre broadband is the cheaper option, with top-of-the-range FTTP fibre being extremely fast and expensive, which is another reason it's more popular. 

Vodafone is a cheap broadband option compared to other providers that offer packages that give you comparable speeds. In fact, some of its packages are even cheaper than those offered by competitors that give you slower speeds. 

However, Vodafone can become a bit expensive when you upgrade your packages to their Pro options that give you added extras like 4G back-up and Norton security. In fact, in all of the packages explored in this guide, the prices increase by £8 a month when you go Pro. This is a huge jump and prevents Vodafone from being a cheap alternative when you use these options. 

Plus, despite being good value, there are cheaper broadband options for those needing only ADSL broadband. With Vodafone unable to offer this type of broadband due to it being fibre-only, you can get cheaper broadband packages with the likes of Plusnet. However, these are for much slower speeds and may not be fast enough for you. 

If you're looking for fibre broadband that can handle an average user, then Vodafone broadband deals may be the best option.