Plusnet Broadband Deals in June, 2024

Easily compare Plusnet broadband deals for your home.

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Compare plusnet broadband deals in 2024

Plusnet is a favourite among many broadband users in the UK. The broadband and mobile network provider has a reputation as being one of the best value-for-money options in the country. 

There’s no denying that there are many cheap Plusnet broadband deals, and there’s potential that the company could be the right choice for you. They’re a unique option because they keep their packages simple. There are not a lot of extra features when you get Plusnet, and they’re also one of the few providers that do not offer digital TV. 

This does mean that Plusnet Broadband deals may not cater to everyone’s requirements, but for those that it does, it’s simple, uncomplicated, and well-suited for light internet users. 

Plusnet Broadband has the potential to be an excellent option for millions of people, especially those who are looking for a budget deal. However, as there are many different providers you can choose from in the UK, it makes sense first to use Switch My Broadband to compare all the major UK providers. If Plusnet Broadband still sounds like a good option in 2024, here’s a detailed guide on everything you need to know. 

Who is Plusnet Broadband?

Plusnet is one of the leading budget broadband providers and has built up a reputation as a great value-for-money option for customers looking for more basic speeds and services. 

Plusnet has been around since 1997, meaning it’s overseen and has been part of the initial broadband revolution within the UK. They strive to give great value packages and, because of that, position themselves to offer products that are cheaper than most. 

One of Plusnet’s most significant selling points, which they like to promote, is that they focus a lot on the customer experience and customer services. All their customer service teams are based in the UK and are said to be super friendly, and the Yorkshire-based brand likes to portray a calm and welcoming persona in its marketing.

Throughout its history, they’ve won 33 customer service awards, which is more than one a year on average, and currently has an 81% satisfaction rating based on an Ofcom report.

Plusnet is powered by the BT Openreach network, allowing them to serve most households in the UK. Plusnet keeps its broadband packages simple so that things are jargon-free and easy to understand. They make it clear what you’re getting. 

In addition to broadband, you can also get a landline and mobile data from Plusnet, with the latter being a very cheap alternative while still using the EE mobile network – the fastest in the UK.  

Plusnet can be an excellent budget option for many people in the UK and should be a broadband provider you consider.

Plusnet Broadband Deals Explained

With Plusnet, you don’t have a lot of choice in terms of the broadband deals you can get, as there are only three broadband-only packages you can choose from. 

From these three packages, you’re then able to add extras such as a landline. 

Plusnet offers speeds that are on the slower side, meaning that the provider is best suited to lighter internet users. That said, it should be good enough to deal with most people’s needs, especially if you get their fastest speeds. 

Plusnet uses the Openreach broadband network, which means that it’s widely available in the UK. Most households can get Plusnet, and they also have the advantage of being one of the few providers still offering standard broadband to customers. Most will only provide fibre options if the household can access it, which means you get more options with Plusnet, especially considering that they’re also pretty cheap. 

Broadband Only 

For most households, Plusnet only has three broadband-only packages available to them. These are their Unlimited Broadband, Unlimited Fibre, and Unlimited Fibre Extra plans. 

With Plusnet, you can only get speeds as high as 72Mbps. This is a bit faster than some of the other budget broadband providers, such as Now Broadband, but it’s still pretty slow compared to what’s available from Sky, Virgin, BT, and more. 

With that said, most households will be served well with Plusnet’s top speeds. Only homes with multiple people streaming and gaming on multiple devices could need greater speeds. 

All Plusnet contracts last for 18 months. This is a little less than some major providers, meaning you don’t have to commit to the provider for as long. 

With Plusnet, you’re also likely to get rewards and discounts on broadband packages, making them good value. Currently, you can earn reward cards when you get their fibre options, which is a good incentive. 

As Plusnet requires a phone line to be connected to your property to deliver its broadband, line rental is included in your package – you won’t pay more for it unless you start to use your phone line to make calls. 

There’s usually a £10 activation fee when you get Plusnet Broadband deals, but they also regularly discount this from the price. 

Broadband and Landline

Plusnet’s biggest additional feature is its landline services. In fact, they give customers one of the more comprehensive landline packages. They also make it easy to add a landline to your package; all you need to do is click ‘add extras’ when selecting your preferred broadband package. 

When selecting to add a landline to your broadband package, be aware that you may need a new phone socket installed into your home before you can get connected. This will have to be done by an Openreach engineer, and Plusnet charges £49.99 for this installation process. 

This fee is pretty expensive compared to other providers who also charge for this service and is something you need to watch out for, as it can reduce the value of Plusnet Broadband deals. 

You’ll also get a new number when you get a landline from Plusnet, regardless of if you have a phone line already or not. 

When selecting your landline plans, there are four options you can choose from: 

Pay as you call 

This package is their most basic option and is where you pay individually for every call that you make. There are no fixed monthly costs, and there’s no limit to the number of minutes you can use. 

The catch with this is that you’re charged per every minute. This means that if you use the phone more one month than you do the next, your monthly phone bills will be different. This can be hard to manage and budget for, and this option can also be very expensive in the long run if you’re consistently making calls. 

Anytime international calls

This call plan is a great option for a customer who has friends or family abroad and wants to speak to them. With this plan, you get up to 300 minutes monthly to many international locations. You also get unlimited calls to UK landlines, regardless of when you make that call. 

This plan costs £10.28 a month, which is a good price for a landline option like this; however, do be aware that if you go over your 300 minutes tariff, you will be charged extra per minute. 

Unlimited UK and mobile calls

This plan is a great option for people who foresee making many calls to UK numbers. For £10.28 a month, you’ll have access to unlimited calls to UK landlines. You’ll also have 2000 minutes a month to UK mobile numbers, which equates to around 33 hours. 

With this landline package, you’ll also be able to call 0845 and 0870 numbers without paying any extra fees, which can be useful. With this plan, there are no restrictions about when you can make the calls, giving you the freedom to use your landline when you want. 

Evening and weekend UK and mobile calls

Plusnets’ most popular broadband and landline deal is the one where you add free evening and weekend UK landline calls. This option is very cheap, only costing £5.71 a month, and makes sense for many customers, as they’re likely only going to be home and able to make landline calls in the evenings and weekends because of work. 

The title of the plan is a little misleading, as although you get access to unlimited evening and weekend calls to other landlines, you only get 1000 minutes to UK mobiles. If you use more than that, you’ll have to pay extra. 

In addition to these options, you can add other extra call features to your plan. This includes adding more minutes to mobile numbers – with 100 extra minutes costing £3 a month. You can also customise your voicemail options, where you can record your own greeting and store up to 30 messages at a time. This also costs an additional £3 a month.

You can also add an option where you’re able to reject calls from anonymous and withheld numbers. This can be great as it will reduce the number of spam calls that get through to your property. This costs an extra £4 a month. 

Although there are extra options with Plusnet that aren’t available with other broadband providers that offer landlines, they do cost a fair bit more. If you add all of these extras to your package, it can easily increase it by £10 a month, which may mean that your broadband no longer becomes one of the cheap Plusnet Broadband deals. Make sure to get the landline extras you need to keep costs down. 

Broadband and TV 

You cannot get a broadband and TV package with Plusnet for new customers, as you won’t be offered the option to add it to your plan. 

However, there is a way to access digital TV when with Plusnet. The catch is that you must have been a previous Sky Broadband and TV customer. Plusnet can only give you TV options if you already have a receiver box, a Sky satellite dish, and an active viewing card. 

If you have all this, you will only be able to get BT Sports with Plusnet, which only offers a few sports channels and isn’t as comprehensive as other options. Plus, even when you get this, you’ll only be able to access these channels via the receiver box and will not have the flexibility to use the BT Sports app. 

These caveats and restrictions make Plusnet’s TV offerings almost non-existent and something that isn’t that worthwhile for most. If you’re looking for a broadband package with good TV options, you may have to look elsewhere. 

A Word On Mobile

As stated before, Plusnet also offers mobile networks to its customers. However, when ordering broadband with them, it doesn’t look like it’s currently possible to bundle mobile contracts to your broadband plan. 

This means that if you’re looking to get broadband and mobile phone deals from Plusnet, they must be done separately, which may become confusing and difficult to manage.

With that said, If you’re looking to get just Plusnet mobile, it can be a good option as they supply a pretty reliable service. 

They use EE’s mobile network to keep you connected, which is good as EE is the fastest mobile network in the UK. You can also get some pretty cheap sim-only deals, with the pick of the bunch being a sim with 30GB of data costing only £10. 

Although you have to go through a separate process to get mobile alongside broadband from Plusnet, they do thankfully give you deals and bonuses if you’re already a customer. 

For most, you’ll get extra data for free if you’re a current broadband customer, which can help your mobile data go further. To get the best out of Plusnet mobile, make sure that you become a broadband customer first to get access to these deals.

What Do Customers Say About Plusnet Broadband Deals?

To help you get a better understanding of how good Plusnet broadband deals are, you can have a look at how well it ranks on review websites. These websites gather comments and reviews made by past and current customers so that you can get a more in-depth look at what the provider does well and what it may need to improve on. 

Reviews can help give you the information needed to commit to a broadband provider, so looking at them is very important when comparing broadband packages.

The following is a deep dive into how well Plusnet Broadband ranks on Trustpilot, the leading review website for UK businesses. Trustpilot gives all the companies a score out of 5 and is one of the most trustworthy sources around. 

If you want to see how Plusnet Broadband compares with some of the other major broadband providers in the UK, you can see each company’s rating on our broadband switching guide. 

Plusnet Review Score

Plusnet has a score of 1.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot. When compared to other businesses, this is a pretty poor score. However, you must compare their scores with other broadband providers when reviewing broadband providers. 

Most broadband providers have weak review scores, with many struggling to get over two stars. There are potentially many reasons for this, but it’s important to clarify that these low reviews don’t mean that every broadband provider is a bad business. In fact, many broadband providers have won awards demonstrating that they’re quality. 

When comparing this 1.9 score with other broadband providers, you’ll see that it’s one of the highest in the industry. This indicates that Plusnet can be considered one of the industry’s best, most well-respected businesses. 

Plusnet Broadband Common Complaints

Despite ranking well in terms of the overall score, there are still plenty of complaints that previous customers have said about Plusnet. It’s a good idea to be aware of these complaints to know what potential issues could arise if you get Plusnet. 

Among the 1-star reviews, a common issue that came up repeatedly is that Plusnet was constantly giving out broadband under the guaranteed speed. This means that Plusnet can often struggle to keep up with your demand and may not be the most reliable in terms of giving you the broadband package you’re paying for. 

There have also been more detailed complaints about how the broadband can drop intermittently for some, where it’s disconnecting and connecting every half an hour or so. This again illustrates that although Plusnet may desire to give you good, consistent speeds, the infrastructure is lacking and may experience issues. It could mean that getting Plusnet broadband is a bit of a gamble, and you may not get the speeds your package says you will. 

Plusnet Broadband Common Praises

As expected, one of the most common praises you can find among the 5-star reviews Plusnet has gotten is their customer service. Many have talked about how helpful they are and praised the staff’s welcoming and friendly demeanour. 

This is encouraging, as it means that although things can go wrong with Plusnet, you won’t have an awful experience trying to get it sorted. The customer support team is dedicated and knowledgeable, which is great when you need a helping hand to fix dodgy broadband. 

More comments also talked about how quick the process was when getting assistance. This is drastically different to some other providers, where you may have to be on a phone queue all day just to get connected. 

Plusnet has focused a lot on its customer service, and it’s clear that this focus has paid off and has helped them create a great experience that enhances the overall experience of their broadband.

Plusnet Awards

In addition to reviews, another thing that can help you determine the quality of a broadband provider is the number of awards they’ve received. 

Awards are given out by dedicated agencies and organisations and are hotly contested, meaning that winning an award usually means that you’re the best in a certain category. 

Over its years, Plusnet has won over 33 customer service awards, meaning that it’s easily one of the best in the industry regarding getting support from staff. 

In terms of its performance, Plusnet has won a few awards that suggest that it’s a pretty good broadband provider. To start, it won the Most Reliable award by Choose in 2022, which is interesting as it goes against many first-party custom feedback. Regardless, this award suggests that Plusnet may not be as glitchy as some have said. 

Plusnet was also the runner-up for the Best Overall provider award from Choose, again showing that it’s a well-respected and highly regarded provider. 

Best Plusnet Broadband Packages

Plusnet keeps things simple by only having three packages available, which means that on the surface, it’s pretty easy to compare them all to see which is one of the best Plusnet broadband packages. 

With that said, Plusnet has a comprehensive landline option that you can bundle into your deal, increasing the price and making it tougher to determine which one is best for you. 

Additionally, because Plusnet focuses on delivering more slower speeds, it can also be hard to know which package is suitable for your demands. You do not want to get a broadband package that doesn’t give you a speed that can handle your request. 

The following packages will be for their broadband-only deals to make the comparison easier. However, there will be some information about how the packages change when you add a landline. 

When comparing the details of these packages, it’s important to remember that the specifics may not be the same for you. The costs and speeds of the packages may alter depending on where you live. For example, a package could be more expensive if you live in a rural area. Plus, if your phone line connecting your home to your on-street connection box is rather long, that can also impact the maximum speed you can get with your broadband, 

To keep things consistent, all the packages and prices displayed are for a property in the Essex area. This has been chosen because it’s a semi-rural location near a major city and has access to all of Plusnet’s deals. 

Some extremely rural locations may not have access to Plusnet’s fastest speeds because of their isolation or surrounding terrain.

Unlimited Broadband

Price: 23.99 per month 

Average Speed: 5-14Mbps 

Plusnet’s slowest package is their Unlimited Broadband option. This package best suits users who are unable to get fibre broadband and instead need a standard connection. The speeds from this plan are pretty slow, especially when compared to what you can expect from other providers. 

This package will only be useful to you if you’re a light internet user, as 14Mbps is only suitable for browsing websites, checking emails, and looking through social media. Even streaming videos on the likes of Netflix may be too much for this speed and cause slowdowns. 

This plan will also only work if it’s for a household that only has one person in it. You’ll struggle to get good performance if you’re looking to connect to the internet on multiple devices simultaneously. 

You can get this package on an 18-month contract, which is shorter than most and means you’ll be able to switch for free without waiting as long. It also gives you unlimited downloads, meaning that you won’t be capped on your internet usage, giving you total freedom to use the broadband as much as you like. 

This package gives you a minimum speed of 2.5Mbps. This is the lowest guaranteed speed any provider reviewed on Switch My Broadband has provided and is pretty useless as this speed will struggle to load things quickly. 

For such a slow speed, the cost of this package is also surprisingly expensive, as you can find cheaper packages elsewhere for speeds of 11Mbp. Plus, this package is not even the cheapest Plusnet offers, as there are more affordable fibre options. 

All these factors mean that this is not one of the best Plusnet broadband packages you can get, and you should instead consider their fibre options, as they give you a lot more for less. 

Unlimited Fibre 

Price: £22.99 a month

Average Speed: 38-40Mbps 

Although being £12 a year cheaper than the standard broadband option, this plan gives you more than double the speeds available on the previous broadband deal. With speeds up to 40Mbps, this should be enough for a single-person household to do anything they want online, including online gaming, streaming, and more. 

With that said, this speed will still not be the best for families or households with more than two people, and you may get buffering if you’re streaming on multiple devices. 

When you get this fibre option from Plusnet, they’ll throw in a £70 reward card that you can spend on anything you want. This can be used to make adding a landline cheaper, or you can put it towards something completely unrelated to Plusnet. 

This package gives a minimum guaranteed speed of 29.2Mbps, which is a bit slower than some of the other guaranteed speeds offered by fibre packages from other providers, but it’s still decent and will give you a nice connection. 

You also get up to 10Mbps upload speeds, meaning uploading images and videos shouldn’t take too long. 

This plan also comes with some included extras that are free of charge. This package will consist of a Hub Two router, their more advanced option, making it a lot easier to get set up.

You’ll also get Plusnet SafeGuard, which allows you to set parietal controls and filter the content you see from internet searchers. You also have the option to protect your network with Norton security. This is free for the first three months of your contract but will cost £2 a month from then onwards. 

This is one of the best cheap Plusnet broadband deals you can get, as it gives you a good speed while costing less than inferior options. 

If you want to add a landline to this, it will cost an extra £5 – £10.28 depending on the package you get, plus additional extras can cost £3-£4 each. Although the base package is cheap, if you want to add more to it and build it to be a comprehensive broadband and landline package, it can become more expensive than other options offering similar services. 

Unlimited Fibre Extra 

Price: £24.99 per month 

Average Speed: 54-72Mbps 

One of the best Plusnet broadband packages you can get is their Unlimited Fibre Extra deal. This gives you a maximum speed of 72Mbps, which has the potential to handle a household of around four people and gives you the capabilities to stream and game on multiple devices. 

With a 50Mbps minimum speed guarantee, you’ll experience no noticeable slowdowns or drops in quality. This makes this package one of the best options you can get from Plusnet, which explains why it’s one of the highest-selling packages. 

Like the other fibre package you can get from Plusnet, you’ll be given a £70 voucher when you sign up, helping to make this package even better. You also get pretty good upload speeds of 18Mbps, meaning that images and videos can be uploaded within minutes, sometimes seconds. 

Depending on your landline deal, you can add a phoneline to this deal, costing between £5-£10.28. 

You’ll also get a few additional extras with this package that is included in the price. As you would in the other fibre package, you’ll get Plusnet SafeGuard which allows you to filter and restrict your online content. As well as that, you’ll also get their most recent Wi-Fi router, which has a better connection and gives you a more unbreakable service. 

In addition, with this package, you’ll also get Plusnet Protect, which is Norton security that will protect your network from viruses and malware. 

This package costs just under £25 a month, which is a reasonable price for this speed and makes it a good option compared to other packages from other providers. 

Why Should I Switch To Plusnet Broadband?

There are plenty of great reasons to choose Plusnet as your next broadband provider. 

The leading reason is that it’s a cheap broadband provider and gives you access to many cheap Plusnet broadband deals. You also get good service for these deals, making them good value-for-money options.

Plusnet is also a good option because it has an excellent reputation for having fantastic customer support. This means that you’re more likely to have a pleasant experience when in contact with their call centre and that most issues should be able to be resolved. This is a big benefit, as many other providers have had big issues regarding their customer service team. 

You can also get many nice deals and incentives when you get Plusnet broadband deals. Currently, Plusnet is offering rewards and gift cards to customers to buy their fibre packages. In addition, they’ve also reduced the prices of packages and given free months of services in the past. You can get even more money off your bill by recommending Plusnet to a friend. 

Plusnet also has shorter contracts than most. Instead of the standard 24-month minimum contract length that you find with other providers, you can get 18-month contracts which means you can switch to a new provider sooner. This makes it easier to get the cheapest deals continuously. 

Another interesting reason Plusnet can be a good option for those looking for cheap broadband is that they do not require a credit check. This can be a great benefit for people with poor credit scores as it means that you’ll have easy access to broadband, which is an essential service for many. 

Why Should I Avoid Plusnet Broadband?

Despite being a well-priced and well-respected broadband option, there are a few things about Plusnet broadband deals that may make not make it a good choice for you. 

The first is that you will need a landline connected to your home to get Plusnet, no matter what package you get. This isn’t a problem for people that already have a landline, but for those that don’t have one, it means you’ll have to get one installed. 

To install a landline, an engineer will need to visit your house. Not only is this time-consuming, but you’ll also need to pay £50 for the installation. This is much more than what other providers charge for landline installation and will drastically increase the overall cost of your broadband. 

Another major disadvantage for Plusnet is that they’re one of the only major broadband providers that do not offer any form of TV to new customers. Plusnet may not be the best choice for you if you’re looking for a broadband and TV package. 

It is possible to get BT Sports with Plusnet but to do that, you will already need to have all the equipment from Sky, essentially meaning that you need to have been a Sky customer in the past to get access. This is pretty cumbersome, and you still don’t get much if you have everything you need. 

There are also not a lot of packages offered by Plusnet. For some, this is a benefit because it makes the process a lot easier; however, this lack of choice removes the ability to customise things and means that there may be better options available elsewhere. 

It’s also not the fastest broadband provider, as you can get faster speeds elsewhere for a little bit more. If you have a large family of heavy internet users, Plusnet simply won’t be able to give you speeds that can reliably handle your demand. 

Plusnet Broadband Deals FAQs

Plusnet uses the Openreach broadband network, which was first introduced by BT and is currently available in most households in the UK. This means that it’s very likely that you’ll be able to get Plusnet in your home. 

However, depending on where you live, you may not be able to get Plusnet’s top speeds. If you live in a rural area or a home with a long copper wire phone line, the speeds you can obtain may be less than in other locations. 

You can run a speed test on Switch My Broadband to see what you’re currently getting to see if the options given by Plusnet are better than what you currently have. 

The speeds you can get from Plusnet are on the slow side, meaning they may not be fast enough for certain situations. 

Their slowest package gives you speeds as high as 14Mbps. This will only be fast enough for a single-person household, and even then, you’ll only be able to browse websites, social media and email comfortably. 

Their fibre package offers greater speeds which are good for single-person households who want to stream and game online. It may also be able to handle two people, but only if you’re light internet users. 

Their fibre plus package gives you speeds up to around 70Mbps, depending on your location. This should be able to handle multiple devices without much buffering or slowdowns. However, if you have high demands, such as the desire to stream and download in 4K, or if you want broadband on multiple devices simultaneously, you may need greater speeds that Plusnet do not provide.

When getting broadband from Plusnet, you will need a landline, regardless of your package. This is because your broadband is transported to your home through this landline. 

The cost of line rental is included in your broadband package, meaning there will be no extra hidden fees. 

However, if you haven’t got a landline at your home, you will need to get one installed by an engineer. Plusnet charge £50 for this service, which is a lot and increases the cost of your broadband significantly. 

Plusnet has a reputation as being one of the cheapest providers available. Although all their packages are well priced, you can find similar packages for less, such as from Now Broadband. 

You can still get cheap Plusnet broadband deals, and it is a good option for those looking for the best deal. However, it’s essential to use Switch My Broadband to compare the different packages you can get to ensure you can’t find a better deal from someone else.