Best Virgin Media Broadband Deals in June, 2024

Compare Virgin Media broadband packages for your home in minutes.

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Compare Virgin Media Broadband Deals in 2024

Virgin Media is one of the premier broadband providers in the UK, offering fast and quality broadband speeds, in addition to other extra services. 

Virgin Media Broadband provides full fibre packages as standard, offering their unique cable broadband. This means that even their cheap Virgin Media broadband deals offer insane speeds that will enable you to do anything you want online. 

Virgin Media also has one of the most well-respected and comprehensive TV packages, boasting thousands of channels, shows, and live sports.

Virgin Media Broadband can be a great option if you’re looking to switch broadband providers to one of the more up-market options. 

If you like the idea of Virgin Media, you can use Switch My Broadband to complete a broadband comparison of all the major providers to see how it matches up to its competitors. 

Here’s some more information and details about Virgin Media and their broadband packages to help determine if they’re the right provider for you and your needs in 2024. 

Who is Virgin Media?

Virgin Media is a British telecommunications company that offers telephone, television, and broadband services to customers in the UK. Owned by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Media is just one subsection of his Virgin empire, which includes ventures such as an airline, gyms, banking services and much more. Yet, Virgin Media’s broadband and telecommunication services are their signature brand for many people in the UK. 

Virgin Media was founded in 2006 and has been recognised year after year as the fastest broadband provider widely available in the UK. Currently, 17 million homes can access Virgin Media Broadband thanks to its Project Lightning initiative. This scheme is committed to improving its broadband network so that more homes can access enhanced speeds. 

In addition to having the fastest broadband network in the UK, Virgin is also the largest home telephone provider in the UK and Ireland. This means they have one of the country’s most recognised and trusted landline options, which is a massive benefit if you consider a bundled broadband and landline package. 

They’re also one of the pioneers of cable television in the UK and are currently one of the only companies that provide their interactive services via this means. Unlike Sky, which uses a satellite to deliver its TV channels, Virgin Media’s cables ensure you’ll always have a solid reception, helping you enjoy countless hours of entertainment. 

In 2021, Virgin Media joined the mobile network O2. This means that both these companies share infrastructure to help give you one of the best mobile services in the UK.

Virgin Media Broadband Deals Explained

You can get a tremendous amount of broadband deals from Virgin Media, and each of their packages can also be bundled with their TV, landline, and mobile services, giving customers a great deal of choice. 

With that said, all these additional add ones and features can make buying Virgin Media broadband deals a bit difficult, as it can be tough to know how to create a package that’s great for you. Here’s a quick guide that includes all you need to know when getting all their types of packages and deals. 

Broadband only 

Virgin Media only offers full fibre broadband packages. Their connection is delivered through a fibre optic cable installed directly in your home. This means that you can get Virgin Media Broadband without the need to have a phone line. Not needing a phone line is an excellent option for those who may not have a landline connected to their home and do not want to pay to install it. 

With that said, because Virgin Media Broadband deals are fibre only and use their own broadband network, they may not yet be available in your area. This means that if you’re in a remote area, it’s likely that you won’t be able to get Virgin Media. That’s why it’s important to check what providers you can get in your area before comparing providers on Switch My Broadband. 

Selecting your broadband package is easy with Virgin Media. You first need to enter your current address to see what packages you’re eligible for. Doing this will ensure that you can only purchase broadband deals that your property can provide. 

Once you’ve entered your address, you’ll likely be presented with various deals, including bundled and broadband options. If you’re looking for broadband-only deals, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page. 

When you select a deal, you can still add any extras you’d like your package to have, including TV and phoneline options. 

When going through the checkout process, you’ll also have the option of how you want to install your broadband. You can either get a self-install kit that will cost nothing extra or book a technician to install your broadband for you for an additional £30 charge. 

Broadband and Landline 

Unlike other broadband providers, you cannot add a landline to your broadband package to any broadband deal once you’ve selected one. Instead, you’ll need to choose a deal where it’s included right from the bat, and you won’t be able to add it later. 

Virgin Media’s base broadband and landline package is known as Broadband + Phone and gives you the ability to have free weekend calls. This package includes their M100 Fibre Broadband, which gives you speeds of around 100Mbps. 

Other alternative broadband packages include a landline, such as their more expensive Volt Fibre Broadband + Phone deal, which also gives you a mobile sim.

If neither of these options is right for you, then you do have the opportunity to customise the package so that it better suits you. When customising, you’re able to change the speed of your broadband and decide if you want to get a mobile sim or not. However, there doesn’t seem to be the option to change the telephone plan, meaning that you can only get free weekend calls unless you bundle your telephone with a more expensive plan that includes TV. 

Broadband and TV 

Much like with their landline services, you won’t be able to add TV to your bundle after the fact, and you instead need to choose a package that already includes TV services from the start. 

There are many different options in terms of what you can get when bundling in TV, and these options will drastically change your package price.

If you want TV alongside a landline service, you can get Virgin Media’s big bundle, which includes broadband, weekend calls, and over 100+ TV channels. Other additional bundles add more channels; however, it does look like you’re unable to get just a broadband and TV deal, which may not suit everyone. 

Depending on the package you choose, you can add some well-respected and desirable channels, such as Sky Cinema, Sky and BT Sports, and some of the biggest drama and documentary channels. Their Ultimate bundle also allows you to get Netflix, meaning you can stream some of the biggest online shows. 

If you’re looking to add Virgin Media TV to your broadband, you’ll likely have to be willing to bundle it with all other services. This can mean that your package can cost a lot, with their most comprehensive bundle costing around £85 a month. This is much more than other TV options provided by other broadband businesses and could be a massive expense, especially if you’re not interested in the services you’re required to get. 

When you select a broadband-only package, you do have the option to add their Stream service. This gives you access to around 40 channels and various streaming services. This costs nothing extra; however, you will have to start paying for each streaming service you want, which could quickly add up if you have multiple. 

Broadband and Mobile 

Virgin has partnered with O2 since 2021, meaning that when you get mobile products from Virgin Media, you’ll get an O2 sim. O2 is one of the leading mobile networks in the UK, meaning that with Virgin, you can access a pretty good mobile service. 

You’re unable to add just mobile to your broadband package. There are plenty of bundles where you can get a sim card added to your Virgin Media Broadband deals; however, that package will likely include other services too. 

If you’re a current O2 customer, then you’ll be able to get deals and discounts when buying Virgin Media Broadband. This should be something you consider when choosing broadband deals, as it can mean that you make good savings and cheap Virgin Media broadband deals even better. 

What Customers Say About Virgin Media Broadband Deals

One of the best ways to see how good a broadband provider performs is to look at the comments and reviews left by current and previous customers. 

Looking at reviews can help you figure out what aspects of the business are working well and also illuminate issues that may indicate that they may not be the best broadband provider for you. 

Reviews should be an essential part of your comparison process, as they can be the most reliable indicators of quality. If a provider has a lot of positive reviews and a good average score, it shows that it’s a brand you should consider. 

Here’s an in-depth look at how Virgin Media Broadband ranked on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is the most used and well-respected review website online and aggregates thousands of reviews to create an average score for every business that features on it. Trustpilot uses an easy-to-understand 5-star review system and has many measures to ensure that each review is genuine and reliable. 

If you want to find out how Virgin Media Broadband compares with some of the other top broadband providers we review on Switch My Broadband, you can use this switching guide to see how good it is compared to others. 

Virgin Media Broadband Review Score

Virgin Media Broadband has a score on Trustpilot of 2 out of 5 stars. Compared to other businesses across multiple industries, this is a poor score and is typically indicative of a bad business you should avoid. However, this isn’t the case in the context of broadband providers. 

When looking at all the leading broadband providers reviewed on Switch My Broadband, you’ll find that most struggle to get a score over 2 stars. This means Virgin Media is one of the best-ranking broadband providers. 

With broadband providers having a poor score overall, it doesn’t mean that all broadband providers are bad. The truth is that many are great businesses and have won awards to prove this. Instead, broadband providers may have a low rating because they’re an essential service. 

Because people rely on broadband heavily, people will be less lenient when there are issues. This is why you’ll find that other essential services also have poor scores. As broadband providers are typically harshly judged compared to other businesses, it’s important to only compare them to other broadband providers. When you look at the review scores in this context, you’ll see that Virgin ranks as one of the best broadband providers in the eyes of the public. 

In addition to its overall scores, another way to see how good Virgin Media Broadband deals are is to look at the percentage of good and bad reviews. Out of the over 60,000 reviews Virgin Media has received, 9% of them have given them 5-stars. This is pretty low and may demonstrate that Virgin Media has issues that can be improved upon. This percentage of 5-star reviews is much lower than some other providers, suggesting that there may be better options. 

However, with that said, Virgin Media only has 62% of 1-star reviews. This is by far its most common score; however, the percentage is still lower than some other providers. This shows Virgin Media isn’t as bad as many other broadband providers. 

Virgin Media Broadband Common Complaints

When looking deeper at the 1-star reviews, you’ll be able to find a lot of complaints and issues that appear time and time again. This indicates that these are common problems you’ll likely have when you get Virgin Media Broadband. 

One of the biggest issues by far that’s being highlighted by current customers is their appalling customer service. Many people claim that it’s a struggle to get through on the phones and that they take a long time to get back to any form of correspondence. If you have issues with Virgin Media, you could be waiting a long time to resolve things. 

Alarmingly, many other reviews also claim that they experience common outages and speed drops, suggesting that Virgin Media may not be the most reliable. There can, of course, be other factors disrupting their broadband speeds, but it’s worth considering that you may not get a seamless connection when choosing Virgin Media based on these reviews. 

Virgin Media Broadband Common Praises 

Although there’s a much smaller sample size of positive reviews, there are still plenty of comments that like to highlight what Virgin Media is doing well. 

When looking at Virgin Media’s good reviews, you’ll find plenty of reviews that say how easy it was to update bundles and customise them to suit you better. This is good, as Virgin can be very hassle-free when trying to add extra services to your contract.  

Other comments also praise how punctual Virgin Media is, as many have said that they didn’t have to wait a long time to get an engineer to install equipment. There have also been many comments that have praised the engineers themselves, saying that they’re professional, friendly, and can quickly install everything to ensure there’s as little disruption as possible. 

As expected, many also praise the average speeds they’re getting, claiming that it can handle a lot of usage and demand. This is a good indicator of quality, as it means that Virgin Media’s speeds are living up to the billing. 

Virgin Media Awards 

In addition to what customers have had to say, another way to see how good a broadband provider is to look at the awards that they’ve won recently. This is because dedicated organisations give out broadband awards with tough criteria to ensure that the genuine best in the industry get recognised. 

Virgin Media has been recognised by Choose, one of the leading broadband award agencies, as the country’s fastest broadband provider. This means that you won’t be able to get broadband speeds as fast as Virgin Media, making it a great choice for those who want or require the top speeds in the industry. In particular, this makes Virgin a great option for households with multiple gamers, properties where people work from home, or even businesses that require a good broadband connection for their staff. 

Virgin Media was also recognised as having the best bundle. Virgin Media is a great choice if you want to get packages that include multiple services, as you’ll be able to get a good collective price for all the additional features you’ll receive.

Best Virgin Media Broadband Packages

With Virgin Media, you can get multiple packages that include broadband-only deals and bundles that include numerous other services. In addition to this, you’re also able to customise their packages so that it suits you better. 

This sheer amount of choice is great for potential Virgin Media Broadband customers, as it ensures that they’ll have a fibre broadband option that suits them. Still, all these multiple deals can make it hard to compare and figure out what are the best Virgin Media Broadband packages. 

To simplify things, here’s a look at all their available packages that are strictly broadband-only. Looking at their stripped-back deals makes it a lot easier to figure out which packages are the best value for money and what are the comparatively cheap Virgin Media broadband deals. 

When looking at broadband packages, be aware that the prices quoted here may differ for you. This is because broadband can cost different amounts based on where you live. A package in Essex may cost less than the same package in a different location in the Cotswolds. This may mean that a good value package on this article may not actually be your best choice. That’s why it’s essential to check before comparing. 

Plus, you may also not be eligible for all of Virgin Media’s packages, depending on where you live. For some people, you may only be able to get Virgin’s slowest speeds or no packages at all. To see if you’re eligible for Virgin Media, you can conduct a speed test on Switch My Broadband to see what average speeds you can expect. If they’re below the minimum speed Virgin offers, which is around 150Mbps, then you may not be able to get Virgin. 

The deals and prices below are for a property in Essex. This area was chosen because it’s semi-rural yet close to a major city and can get all Virgin Media broadband deals. 

M100 Fibre Broadband 

Price: £44 a month 

Average Speed: 108Mbps

Virgin Media’s slowest broadband package is their M100 deal. This gives you average speeds of around 108Mbps, which is fast enough to handle multiple streaming or gaming devices simultaneously. In fact, this speed is so fast that it’s even quicker than the maximum speeds you can get from other providers. This is why Virgin Media is considered the fastest provider in the UK. 

What’s interesting about this package is that you only get 10Mbps of average upload speed. This means uploading things like videos and images can take a few minutes. This is worth pointing out because this is typically the average upload speed you’ll get from slower broadband packages. Without other providers who offer speeds of 100Mbps, you can expect upload speeds between 20-30Mbps. This is a disadvantage of this package, meaning it’s not one of the best Virgin Media broadband packages. 

As Virgin Media is partnered with O2, when you get this product, it gives you access to Priority. This exclusive service lets you get first dibs on tickets and other live experiences, which is cool.

This plan has a £35 set-up fee and is for an 18-month contract. Altogether, this is a pretty expensive plan, costing £44 a month, although it isn’t that badly priced for the download speed that you’re getting. 

M200 Fibre Broadband

Price: £50 a month

Average Speed: 213Mbps 

For larger households with multiple people in it who are going to be streaming and gaming in 4K and Ultra HD simultaneously, the M200 plan is a great option, as it offers incredible speeds that will have content downloaded and loaded in a flash. 

This speed should handle everything thrown at it and is the perfect broadband speed for those thinking about adding in a TV package, as it will make it much easier to stream the latest shows. 

An upload speed of 20Mbps is much improved from the previous package, meaning that things will load and be ready to share quickly. 

This plan also gives you access to Priority to get exclusive access to tickets and events. 

Costing £50 a month, this plan is one of the more expensive that you can get in the Uk. With that said, not many other providers offer speeds comparable to this plan. With it only being £6 a month more than the M100, it’s probably one of the best Virgin Media broadband packages for families. 

M350 Fibre Broadband 

Price: £56 a month 

Average Speed: 362Mbps 

The M350 is perhaps the fastest plan you can get from Virgin that’s sensible for a normal household. This is because the speed is super fast, and for most people, you won’t actually have the requirements for a speed this fast and may not even notice the increase in speed from the previous option. 

However, suppose you’re a household interested in getting smart gadgets connected to your broadband network, like smart speakers, smart thermostats, and smart lighting. In that case, you can futureproof your broadband by getting this type of speed, as it will be something that you may need in the future. 

With the M350 Fibre Broadband package, you get an upload speed of around 36Mbps. This is pretty fast and will make it a lot easier to share data. However, you can get this upload speed from other broadband providers for cheaper, although it will be part of a package with lower download speeds. 

This package can only be bought with an 18-month contract, and it will cost you money to cancel or change it. This is important if you’re planning on moving address within that period, as you’ll have to ensure that your new address can get this broadband package to avoid extra fees. 

At £56 a month, this is a pretty eyewatering package. This is only a speed you should consider if you can afford it and if its capabilities will benefit you. This speed will be overkill if you’re an average internet user or have a household of just two people. 

M500 Fibre Broadband 

Price: £62 a month 

Average Speed: 516Mbps 

This package is one of Virgin Media’s fastest offerings and gives you crazy speeds of 500Mbps. This speed can handle almost anything and will be far too good for an average household to utilise effectively. Instead, this speed can be great for people working from home and needing an unbreakable connection for conference calls. It can also be a great option for small businesses, and Virgin are pros at offering broadband for companies and enterprises. 

If you’re considering this package ahead of the M350 option, it’s worth pointing out that this may not be one of the best Virgin Media deals for you. This is because despite costing £6 a month more, which can be a considerable expense throughout your contract, you don’t get an increase in upload speed at all. This means that if you value being able to upload images and videos quickly to share, then it may be best to instead get the cheaper option that gives you the same experience. 

Plus, for most, you will unlikely be able to notice a difference between 350Mbps and 500Mbps. That means it may be more sensible to get a cheaper package instead of this one. Only if you require this speed will this package be worth it. 

Gig1 Fibre Broadband 

Price: £66-£68 a month 

Average Speed: 1130Mbps

The Gig1 Fibre package you can get from Virgin Media is the fastest broadband speed you can get anywhere in the UK. This gives you an unbelievable 1000+mbps, the same as 1 Gigabyte of data. 

This means things like downloading huge files and streaming in 4K will take a flash. That said, this speed will be a lot for an average household and may not be something suitable, as many people won’t need these speeds. This means paying around £65 a month may be a bit of a waste of money. 

For small and medium-sized businesses with an office full of equipment, this type of broadband will be perfect, as it will ensure that staff can operate and work smoothly without any disruptions or slowdowns. 

In terms of sheer power and numbers, this is one of the best Virgin Media broadband packages. However, if you want to get better value, especially in an average household, getting one of their cheap Virgin Media deals may suit you better instead. 

Why Should I Switch To Virgin Media Broadband?

There are many great reasons Virgin Media Broadband is a good option for those looking to switch to a new provider. In fact, Virgin has so many great benefits that it is tough to list them all. If you’re interested in moving to a Virgin Media broadband package, here are some key highlights and features. 

One of the biggest things about Virgin Media is that they’re insanely fast. Virgin offers the fastest broadband in all of the UK, meaning that you can stream and game reliability on multiple devices at once. 

With that said, it’s important to remember that some of these speeds may be too fast for you. It is essential to get speeds that suit your requirements; otherwise, you could be paying too much. Thankfully, the choice offered by Virgin means that you can easily find a package that’s great for you. 

Virgin also has plenty of great customisation options, allowing you to build a broadband package that’s perfect for you. Most of the time, you can add landline, mobile, and TV to your package, helping you create a complete service in just one contract. 

In addition, one great benefit of Virgin that makes it better than most other providers is that you don’t need to get line rental to get broadband. This means you won’t have to pay to have your broadband installed, which can help you save money and remove some of the hassle usually involved in getting set up. 

Virgin also has one of the best TV options. It may not be as good as Sky, which offers more channels and options, sometimes for less, but it’s still very comprehensive and gives you access to multiple channels. 

Virgin also has a good landline service where you get completely free weekend calls to UK landlines. This is a good benefit, although it’s important to note that you can get landline packages from other providers that include more. 

Why Should I Avoid Virgin Media Broadband?

In terms of performance and maximum speeds, Virgin Media Broadband is one of the best packages you can get, meaning there are not many reasons you should avoid them. With that said, there are a few issues and factors about Virgin Media that may mean it’s not the best option for you. 

The biggest issue is Virgin Media is one of the most expensive broadband options in the UK. Their cheapest packages are usually more expensive than some providers’ fastest, although it’s important to remember that Virgin Media offers much faster speeds too. If you’re looking for a bargain, you’re not going to get one with Virgin Media. You will get a premium service that will deliver great speeds that will allow you to stream and game easily. 

In addition to their monthly prices, Virgin also has a lot of set-up costs, with most people having to pay £35 when first getting the broadband. This even applies if you’re setting up the broadband yourself, and you may have to pay even more if you’re getting an engineer to visit and install things for you. 

Another issue with Virgin is that they may actually offer more than you need. That may not sound like a negative; however, these options may persuade you to get a more expensive package than you need. This can make getting Virgin Media risky because you could end up with a package that’s too fast and too expensive for your needs. 

Another issue with Virgin Media is that they have a pretty unresponsive and difficult-to-contact customer service. This means that it can be hard to get in touch if you have any issues or need to change stuff about your contract.

Virgin Media Broadband Deals FAQs

No, the only type of broadband you can get from Virgin Media is full fibre. This means that you won't be able to get standard broadband, which only offers speeds of 11Mbps and uses a phone line to give you your broadband connection. 

Virgin Media uses a cable to deliver your speeds, meaning it's impossible to get standard broadband. In fact, you can't even get FTTC fibre broadband from Virgin Media, as the fibre optic cable is instead installed directly in your house. 

Virgin media states that they are available to around 14 million households and businesses. Although this sounds like a lot, it does mean that they are one of the least available providers in the UK. 

If you live in a rural area, then you're likely unable to get Virgin Media, as they currently focus on built-up areas with a high population and the infrastructure needed to support their fast broadband. Plus, some areas in major towns also cannot get Virgin Media, so don't assume you're covered if you live in a major location. 

If you don't have a fibre optic cable connected to your home, you may also be unable to get Virgin Media Broadband. 

Before comparing broadband providers, make sure you know which ones are available in your area before exploring the various deals on Switch My Broadband. 

Virgin has the fastest broadband in the UK because of the method they use to supply it. Most broadband providers use FTTC connections to deliver their fibre. This is where a fibre cable is used to send data from the source to a property's on-street cabinet. From the cabinet, a copper telephone wire is used to transport it to the home. This copper wire significantly slows down the speed, which is why many other providers can't get the same speeds as Virgin Media. 

Virgin uses its own broadband network, using special fibre optic cables that, instead of connecting to a cabinet, are installed directly on your property. This means there's nothing to slow it down, allowing you to enjoy amazingly fast speeds. 

Other providers do offer this type of fibre, which is known as FTTP or full-fibre broadband. Still, because Virgin use their own network and doesn't rely on the Openreach network that BT introduced, it can more reliability deliver amazing speeds.

Virgin Media is the best major broadband provider where you don't need a phone line to connect to it. This means you can enjoy broadband-only deals without having to pay for line rental. 

This means that for households that do not have a phone line, you can get broadband from Virgin Media without needing to install one. 

With that said, instead of a phone line, you will need a cable to be installed by Virgin Media to access their broadband, which could mean that you still have to pay for an engineer callout.