EE Broadband Deals in February, 2023

Compare the best EE broadband deals and packages.

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Compare EE Broadband Deals in 2023

EE offers multiple deals for both broadband-only and packaged bundles, allowing you to get broadband that’s perfect for you. 

If you’re looking to switch broadband providers, EE can be a great option as it’s a reliable and well-trusted brand. 

If you like the look of EE broadband, you can use Switch My Broadband to complete a broadband comparison to see how EE matches up against other providers. 

If you’re set on getting broadband from EE, here’s more information about the brand, the packages you can get, and details on whether they’re the best broadband option in 2023.

Who is EE?

First founded in 2010, EE is one of the youngest broadband providers in the country. Although they’ve not been around for as long as some other established brands, EE has quickly grown to become a significant player in both broadband and mobile communications. 

First known as Everything Everywhere when it was initially formed, the company rebranded in 2012 and has since exploded in relevance and popularity to become the market-leading brand we all know today.

 EE is a telecommunications company that provides not only broadband but also mobile networks. In fact, EE is perhaps better known for being the pioneer and mainstream provider of 4G connectivity.

EE is currently part of the BT Group, being officially acquired in 2016, meaning that a lot of the technology that the company uses is provided by BT. EE has grown to become one of the most advanced digital communications companies in Britain and is one of the most trusted and reliable providers available. 

EE is a leading figure within the mobile industry and runs the most extensive and fastest mobile network in the UK. EE gives coverage to 90% of the UK’s land mass and thus serves 99% of the population while doing so. 

Their broadband isn’t as wide-reaching but is still available to most. The company claims that 80% of the UK population can get their superfast fibre broadband, although this is more limited to major cities and towns. This means you’re less likely to be able to get EE if you live in a rural area.

EE Broadband deals explained

EE offers many different telecommunication services, allowing them to be useful options for many customers in the UK. With EE, you can get: 

  • Broadband 
  • Landline
  • Digital TV
  • Mobile networks

With EE, you’re able to get a mobile contract separately from broadband. However, if you’re looking for digital TV or a landline, this will likely have to be bundled with a broadband package. 

Broadband only

When looking exclusively at EE broadband deals, you can get multiple different packages. If you’re looking for simple broadband, you can get standard ADSL that can get you speeds of 10Mbps. ADSL is an older type of broadband connection and uses copper wires to give you your speeds. Packages with ADSL connections are usually cheap EE broadband deals. 

You can also get Fibre broadband from EE, which is a bit quicker and uses a different type of cable that’s filled with glass fibres to provide a more reliable connection. This gives you speeds up to 64Mbps. That speed is great for a family of users and should be able to deal with a high demand without buffering or slowdowns. 

EE also provides Full Fibre broadband deals, which is one of their best EE broadband packages. With full fibre, you can obtain speeds up to 900Mbps, which is ultrafast and can serve multiple devices efficiently. This package will be one of the more expensive options but will be worth it if you have multiple users or are a business and require these speeds. 

Bundled packages

With EE, you can also bundle different services together to make a single package that includes different products. This can make things a bit cheaper than buying all these services individually and also makes it easier to manage, as you’ll only have to keep on top of one bill. 

When you bundle EE broadband deals, you can add a landline, digital TV, and even mobile services to your plan. Most providers require you to have a landline anyway to get broadband. However, this is not the case with EE, meaning that getting a landline is always an optional extra. Having a landline can be a benefit, though, as it can give you access to cheaper calls across the country. 

One of the best EE broadband packages, though, is their TV broadband bundles. This is because this bundle gives you access to a great entertainment option, the EE Box. 

This EE box allows you to access Apple TV. This is where you can watch multiple different TV shows and films. Apple TV isn’t as established as the likes of other streaming services like Netflix or Disney+, and also isn’t as comprehensive as other digital TV packages that you can get from Sky and Virgin, although it does have some of the best-rated content and has an ever-growing library.

What customers say about EE Broadband deals

To get a good understanding of how good a broadband provider is, it can be helpful to look at the reviews it’s gotten from previous customers. 

Reviews can help you figure out what makes a broadband provider good and also alert you about some issues that you may not have been aware of. 

Here’s a look at how EE broadband ranked and performed on the review website Trustpilot, as well as some other info about its performance based on public opinion. 

If you want a more in-depth breakdown of the other major broadband providers to help you with your broadband switch, you can find them here on Switch My Broadband. 

Review Score 

When compared to other broadband providers, EE reviews reasonably well on many different review websites. On Trustpilot, EE has a score of 2.4 out of 5. This is low for most businesses, but it’s important to know that broadband providers typically have a low score compared to other types of companies. 

This is because broadband can be seen as an essential service. As a result of this, when things go wrong, people are more likely to leave harsher reviews and scores. Low scores for broadband providers shouldn’t put you off, and to assess their quality effectively, you should compare their scores with other broadband companies. 

When you compare EE with others, its score of 2.4 makes it one of the highest ranking companies on the website. This means that EE can be trusted to deliver a good service. It’s also been reviewed by over 10,000 people on the website. This is good, as a higher volume of reviews means that the score is accurate. 

When broken down into the percentages of each star rating, just over 20% of reviews gave EE a 5-star rating. This is a pretty high percentage and adds greater credibility to the broadband provider. 

69% of reviewers did give it a 1-star review, and although this is a lot and the largest percentage of any star rating, it’s smaller than other brands’ percentage breakdown.

Common Complaints

When looking at the specifics of the negative reviews, it seems that a high proportion of them are complaining about a weak signal and not being able to get broadband. This specific complaint is rife for all broadband providers and isn’t just a problem with EE. 

A big reason why broadband speeds are such a problem in reviews can be down to customers getting a broadband package that was never going to provide the speeds they needed for their specific use. That’s why it’s essential to always get a package you know can handle your requirements. 

However, a related complaint that has some substance is that when trying to fix this problem with customer service, many previous customers have felt that they were disregarded and could not come to a suitable solution to improve the speeds. 

In general, many previous customers complained that their customer service via a call centre was poor and that they were passed around between different members of staff, which prolonged the experience. 

Common Praises 

On the other hand, EE has received some praise for its digital-based customer service, and many customers who sought help via that channel have had some success getting their queries and issues sorted. 

EE has both a webchat channel on its website and communication channels on Facebook and Twitter. On these platforms, customers have praised the patience of the staff and their dedication to working to find a solution. 

EE also reviews well among customers when it concerns performance and reliability. 94% of users have stated that EE was fast enough for general web browsing and social media, and 87% said it was good for music and video streaming. This makes EE a very reliable broadband provider among customers. 


EE isn’t just a well-rated provider by their customers, as it’s also a provider that has recently picked up a fair few awards. In fact, EE is so proud of its awards that they use them as part of its marketing campaigns. 

EE has been rated as the best 5G mobile network by RootMetrics for the last few years, proving that it’s a great broadband provider if you’re getting a bundle with mobile deals included. 

In terms of broadband-focused awards, they’re not that well recognised, with their main source of acclaim coming from their mobile network. This doesn’t mean that EE broadband is bad; it just means that their mobile service is far more respected and that their broadband services may not be their main priority.

Best EE Broadband packages

EE offers multiple broadband-only packages, and they all have great potential to be the best option for you, depending on your preferences and needs. 

Each package offers different speeds and ascends in terms of price and average download speeds. 

Do note that not all of these packages will be available in your area, especially the faster fibre broadband options. Be sure to search if your home or business is eligible for EE before comparing the prices. 

It’s also important to note that the prices you’re quoted for each package may vary depending on where you live. For example, a Fibre Broadband package in London may be cheaper than in a rural area. 

The prices quoted below are for an individual searching for broadband at an address in Essex. This location has been chosen as it demonstrates well the costs you can expect in a well-populated yet rural location close to a major city, being London, in this example.

Standard Broadband

Price: £27 a month

Average Speed: 16Mbps 

EE’s cheapest broadband deal is their standard broadband package which provides a slow speed of 10Mbps. This is provided through an ADSL connection, meaning that most households in the UK can access their standard broadband. 

10Mbps isn’t going to suit each household, and you should consider faster speeds if you’re getting the internet for a family of users. However, if you live alone or have a partner but aren’t huge data users, this cheaper, standard plan can be a good money-saving option. 

However, EE’s standard broadband option is a bit more expensive than other options that provide similar speeds. You also need to have a landline in order to get this type of connection, and if you don’t have one, then there will be a costly set-up fee. 

Getting a landline installed can also prolong the time it takes to get your broadband up and running, so this may not be a good option if you need broadband quickly. 

This plan’s price changes depending on how long your contract is. If you’re getting a 24-month contract, you can get a monthly saving of around £2. This makes it a little bit more affordable, but it still isn’t as cheap as some of the standard broadband options from other providers. 

If you’re already an EE customer through their mobile network before getting broadband, you can also get access to other deals, such as a mobile data boost and an option to get Apple TV. These options are good; however, they might not suit a Standard Broadband package, as the speeds you can get may not be enough to handle sustainable streaming on Apple TV. 

You also get unlimited data usage, meaning that you won’t have a cap on your data, which is present on all of EE’s packages. 

Fibre Broadband

Price: £27 a month 

Average Speed: 36Mbps

Fibre broadband is one of the best EE broadband packages, as it offers quicker speeds at a reasonable price. 

Fibre broadband is different from standard broadband because it uses a different kind of connection. Instead of copper wires, fibre broadband is connected with cables filled with glass fibres that send information in the form of light, not electricity. As light travels faster, fibre broadband can obtain higher speeds. 

With this fibre broadband package, these fibre cables only go as far as the on-street connection boxes. A copper wire is still used from these boxes to your home, which slows down the connection. That’s why you can only get 36Mbps with this type of fibre.  

When you get a fibre broadband package from EE, you’re guaranteed a minimum speed of 32Mbps, which is suitable for a family of 4 using the internet. 

Fibre broadband does not require a landline, meaning there are no set-up fees you need to pay when you get it, making it a good option. 

You can only get fibre broadband for a 24-month contract, making them less flexible for those that like to switch their broadband. 

If you’re a current EE mobile customer, the cost of this broadband package is reduced significantly to £24 a month. This makes this a pretty valuable package and can be a great option when bundling with other services. 

There’s also no limit on your data usage, which is the same for all of EE’s packages. 

Fibre Plus 

Price: £30 a month

Average Speed: 71Mbps 

EE’s Fibre Plus package may be one of the best EE broadband deals. This is because you can more than double the speed you can get from a fibre package for only £3 more a month. 

A speed of 71Mbps is rapid and will allow you and others to do whatever you want online at the same time with no slowdowns or buffering. 

This speed is dependent on your location and may not be available to everyone, but if you can get it, it’s a really good option. 

When you get this package, you’re guaranteed a minimum speed of 40Mbps no matter the time of day or the number of people using your broadband. This is great for reliability. 

A landline can be added to this package for £8 a month, although a landline is not required for all the different types of fibre broadband EE provides. The set-up process is free, and you can get discounts and extra perks if you’re currently an EE mobile customer. 

EE mobile customers pay £27 a month for this package, which is a huge saving of £225 throughout the contract. 

You also get unlimited data usage, the same as all of EE’s broadband packages. 

Full Fibre Max 100

Price: £32 a month 

Average Speed: 100Mpps

Named after the average speed you can get, Full Fibre Max 100 is the slowest package you can get from an FTTP fibre connection. 

What makes full fibre different from other types of fibre connections is that instead of only having fibre to your street box, the connection actually goes straight to your home, meaning that it’s not interrupted by a wire cable slowing it down. 

Full Fibre Max 100 is a great speed for large families with multiple people streaming videos and games. It’s also great for households that may have a lot of smart devices like smart speakers, smart doorbells, and more that may need a constant internet connection to be functional. 

Like all other packages from EE, there are no data usage limits, which is perfect for a package like this, as it allows you to make the most out of the insane speeds available. 

If you get this package while being a mobile customer with EE, the price per month drops to £28.50. This makes it an even more enticing option, especially when you get additional perks like Apple TV 4K and mobile data boosts. 

Full Fibre Max 500

Price: £43 a month

Average Speed: 500Mbps

EE’s Full Fibre Max 500 offers a ridiculous download speed of 500Mbps, which can handle pretty much everything. With this speed, you can get reliable internet that will download images, videos and games in a flash without any slowdown or buffer, regardless of the number of people using it. 

This speed is a great option for those who work from home and rely on their internet to ensure that they have stable connections when in conference calls or when working on projects that have a massive file size. 

This type of fibre can also work well for small businesses as it can handle multiple users. 

With a price point of £43 a month, this package can be expensive and should only be considered by those who can afford it and those who really need these top speeds. If you’re a small household, this package may be too quick for you and you maybe not notice much difference between this speed and lower ones because you don’t have the demands for this speed. 

When you get Full Fibre Max 500 as an existing EE mobile customer, you can get a discount where the package will cost £38.50 a month. You’ll also get the perks mentioned in other fibre packages, such as Apple TV and extra mobile data, but you’ll also get Xbox Game Pass for 6 months, making this package perfect for gamers. 

Full Fibre Max Gigabit

Price: £54 a month

Average Speed: 900Mbps

EE’s fastest broadband package allows you to obtain crazy speeds of 900Mbps. This is almost 100x faster than the speeds you can get with their standard broadband and is ideal for large businesses and big families that have multiple streamers and downloads constantly. 

This speed will make uploads happen in a flash and can create a fantastic browsing experience. With that said, this speed is limited in availability and not every household in the UK has the infrastructure to access broadband like this. 

Even if you do, this speed doesn’t suit everyone and may be much faster than you need. Getting this speed when you don’t need it can be a bit of a financial mistake. 

If you get this broadband package while being an EE mobile customer, you can get it for £48.50 a month. With that, you’ll get Apple TV, a boost in mobile data, and Xbox Game Pass for 12 months. This makes it a great option for gamers who play online a lot and download in extremely high resolution, such as 4K.

Why should I switch To EE?

EE is a fantastic option for broadband, regardless of the different packages you’re going for. The provider is one of the best in the UK and offers a great service at reasonable prices. 

You can get multiple types of broadband with EE, be it standard ADSL connections, FTTC fibre broadband, and even ultrafast speeds if you can get it in your location. This means that EE can be an excellent broadband solution regardless of your specific needs. 

EE is a well-priced broadband option. They’re not the cheapest that you can get in the UK, but they’re still affordable for many while offering a robust and desirable service. One of their best-priced deal is their broadband, phone, and TV package, which gives you access to some great content at a reasonable price. 

EE also offers truly unlimited broadband on all of their packages. This means that there are no data caps. You can download and stream as much as you want without there being risk of additional charges. This is great for heavy internet users. 

EE is a good option for many when you consider their additional services, such as their EE box. This is a type of digital TV service that utilizes Apple TV to give you access to the streaming platform, as well as other Freeview Channels. You can also add extras like BT Sport to your digital TV too. 

EE also loves giving out rewards and additional perks to both new and existing customers. If you’re already a member of EE and use its mobile network service, you can get free mobile data boosts and discounted broadband bills, making them really good value for people using a packaged service. 

Why should I avoid EE?

There’s not a lot to be discouraged about EE. It’s a well-respected brand and is quickly becoming a major broadband option. Despite that, there are still a few negatives that you need t to consider when selecting which broadband provider you want to switch to. 

The biggest negative with EE is that their more premium, faster broadband options are not available everywhere in the UK. In fact, the areas where you can get their Full Fibre are limited, restricted to just the major cities and towns. EE is still rolling out its fibre network and aims to serve more people in the future, but currently, they’re not as widely available as some other competitors are. 

Plus, despite being a well-priced provider, if you’re looking to get the most out of your money, there are cheaper options when it comes to both ADSL and fibre. EE is not that much more expensive than these cheaper options, although the savings you can get elsewhere may be significant throughout a longer contract. 

Although EE can get you speeds of around 500-900Mbps on their top-of-the-range full fibre package, it’s possible to get even faster speeds with the likes of Virgin Media and others. This means that if you’re in the market for the fastest broadband available to ensure it can manage high internet usage, then EE may not be the best option for you. 

Another thing worth considering is that EE’s TV service is not the most comprehensive on the market. Their EE Box allows you access to Apple TV, which is an app that’s getting more and more popular as content continues to be released on it. However, you can get a lot more established channels and shows with Sky TV and Virgin Media. You can’t get access to the latest movies like you can with Sky Cinema, and you’re also missing out on the best sports content, although you can get a limited BT sports service. 

EE Broadband deals FAQs

The time it takes to have your broadband installed by EE will depend on the type of broadband you’ve gotten. 

If you’re getting a standard speed that requires no additional installation from an engineer, then the installation process is as simple as unboxing your router and plugging it in. Once you’ve done this, your broadband should be working in just a few minutes. 

If you’re getting fibre broadband installed and need an engineer to come and perform the service, then you may need to wait between 10 and 14 days to book a visit. 

Once the engineer is there, the job shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours, meaning they shouldn’t interfere much with your plans. Be aware that someone must be present at the property if you have an engineer coming to let them in.

For most EE services, you won’t be charged for installation. This is because you’re able to complete the installation process yourself if you’re getting the Standard, Fibre, and Fibre Plus packages. 

However, if you need a landline to be fitted into your home to obtain broadband, or if fibre cables are being installed in your home to allow you to get Full Fibre or Fibre Max, then you will need to contribute towards the costs of installation. 

This is because an engineer will be sent to your home to complete this complicated process to help you get set up with all the equipment. 

The set-up fees, regardless of what’s being installed, will be £50 but can be avoided if you’ve selected a broadband package that had a promotional offer running when you signed up.

EE is a widely available broadband provider, and if you’re looking to get their Standard, Fibre, or Fibre Plus broadband, then you’re almost certainly going to be able to get it. This is because these packages utilise the Openreach network, which BT created and connects most homes in the UK. 

However, if you’re thinking about getting a more advanced type of Fibre broadband that can’t be communicated through the copper wiring of Openreach, you may not be able to get it, depending on your location. 

EE’s Fibre Max and Full Fibre packages require FTTP connections to deliver its fast speed. This type of fibre optic connection that goes directly to your home isn’t widely available in the UK yet and is mainly restricted to large towns or cities. 

Be sure to check if you can get full Fibre in your location before looking for packages that offer this speed, as you need to be sure that your property is eligible before searching.

You can get a variety of different broadband speeds, and these alter depending on the type of broadband that you get. The slower speeds are usually offered in cheap EE broadband deals, while the faster ones are more expensive and can only be produced with a Fibre broadband connection. 

EE’s standard broadband package can get you speeds of around 10MBps on average. Its Fibre and Fibre Plus broadband offers faster speeds between 36 Mbps to 67Mbps. These speeds should be fine to handle a full household of internet users and are widely available to most people. 

If you live in a location where you’re able to get it, EE also has Full Fibre and Fibre Max packages that give you access to some pretty fast speeds. In fact, you can get broadband speeds that average 300Mbps with their Fibre Max 300 package. This is much more expensive and may not be necessary if you’re between a light and average internet user. However, if you run a business, or have a large family full of heavy users, then this speed can be very useful.

Fibre broadband can be delivered to your home in two different ways, and each type will affect the top speeds you can get. 

The most common type is FTTC. This stands for fibre to the cabinet. With this type of connection, fibre optic cables with glass fragments inside them transport data around the country. These glass fibres are used because you can send broadband over light with them, which is much faster than electricity. 

These cables only go as far as the connection boxes that you find on-street. From here, traditional copper wires are used to transport your broadband to your homes from these boxes. These copper wires slow down the speeds of the broadband, which is why you can’t obtain super-fast speeds with FTTC fibre broadband. 

FTTP is different because instead of going to the on-street cabinets, the fibre optic cables go all the way to your property. This means that high-speed broadband can be maintained, and this is what allows for breakneck speeds. FTTP is also known as ‘full fibre’, and this is because there is no interruption of the connection. Instead, you’re getting an authentic fibre broadband experience.

FTTP connections aren’t available everywhere and are, at the moment, mainly found in highly populated towns and cities. It also can’t be used in places with challenging terrain. This is why FTTC fibre is the most popular because more people are able to get it, and the speeds provided are still fast enough for most functions. 

FTTC fibre broadband is the cheaper option, with top-of-the-range FTTP fibre being extremely fast and expensive, which is another reason it’s more popular.

It’s hard to work out the cost of an entire provider because they offer multiple packages with different price points. Some of EE’s packages are cheaper when compared to other providers. However, some of their faster broadband deals can work out more expensive. 

Plus, your prices will be different depending on where you live. The same broadband package may cost one price in London but could be different in Birmingham. This makes it even harder to determine how cheap EE broadband is as a whole. 

With that said, EE does seem to be a bit cheaper than BT broadband, one of their main competitors. When comparing fibre broadband, EE is just a smidge cheaper. It’s not a by a considerable margin monthly, but on a yearly or even 24-month long contract, that slight saving can be important. 

If you’re looking for the best deal, be sure to compare the different providers to help you find a package that’s in your perfect price range while still offering the services and speeds that you need.

EE is a very popular provider and has successfully won multiple awards. In fact, they’ve been ranked the best network in the UK for the last six years running. 

They’ve also been crowned the fastest network in the UK and also the most reliable network. This indicates that EE is a quality provider. 

If you live in a big city such as London, you can also take some comfort in the fact that they’ve been awarded the best network in the capital. 

In addition to winning awards for their broadband, EE is also a very well respected mobile network too. This means that if you consider getting a package that combines both broadband and mobile, you’ll be getting covered by the UK’s best mobile network for data and text.