TalkTalk Broadband Deals

Compare TalkTalk broadband deals for your home in minutes.


TalkTalk are one of the biggest names in the British telecoms industry. While TalkTalk also provide TV and mobile phone services to customers, they are perhaps best known for their high-quality and competitive broadband deals.

Like many providers, TalkTalk provide two different versions of their broadband service: standard and fibre. Both broadband deals are available as part of a 12- or 18-month contract and will require a telephone line; TalkTalk can install a new line, or alternatively can use an existing line already available at the customer’s property.

As one would expect from one of the most reputable broadband providers in the UK, the speeds available from TalkTalk broadband are impressive. The standard broadband reaches speeds of 17Mbps, while the fibre is capable of delivering up to 38Mbps – though these top speeds are, as with all providers, somewhat dependant on your specific line and location. As a particularly nice touch, customers of TalkTalk broadband also receive a free TalkTalk mobile SIM card which includes 500mb of data – making it clear this is a company that takes providing affordable, flexible internet access seriously.

The packages mentioned above are available as an individual service or, for extra cost efficiency, can be bundled with other TalkTalk services. Additional services include TalkTalk TV, which provides the ability to pause and rewind live TV, and the mobile phone service.

Overall, TalkTalk broadband deals are impressive, with the fibre option particularly well-priced within the marketplace. If you are seeking a reliable broadband connection from a company who are well-thought of, then TalkTalk broadband is well worth your consideration.