Broadband Speed Test

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Check Your Internet Service With Our Free Broadband Speed Test Tool

Discover the current speed that your internet service is providing with our broadband speed test tool. 

Our speed test transfers dummy data to test your broadband’s upload and download speed with great efficiency and accuracy. This can be used across all internet devices.

Why should you run a Broadband Speed Test?

Using the speed test tool to discover the rate of data transfers is a very easy thing to do while the process can be completed in a matter of moments. As a consumer, the results can put you in a far stronger position.

Firstly, you’ll instantly see whether the speeds you receive match the speeds being advertised by your broadband service. Secondly, you can analyse this against the results received by neighbors to check whether other providers offer a faster and more reliable service.

This information could help you get a better deal on your home broadband by either switching providers or cutting down your package to reflect the genuine usage. 

  • Internet Provider: While one company may take advantage of the best infrastructure, another service may not yet be able to provide this in your area.
  • Price Plan: If you’re on the basic cheap internet package, your potential limit will be a lot lower than if you were on the more expensive and comprehensive package.

Running a speed test lets you find out what speeds you are receiving, but you can use additional tools like a postcode checker to find out which internet service providers serve your area best.

How To Complete The Broadband Speed Test

Using our free broadband speed test tool is particularly easy, and will be completed within the space of 20-30 seconds. It can be used across all devices using virtually all web browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

Broadband speed tests can be used to measure data transfers from ADSL, cable, and fibre optic connections as well as 3G and 4G solutions. Simply open the tool on your web browser and follow the very simple instructions.

What Is Your Current Internet Capable Of Achieving?

The results from the speed test will help you understand what download activities can be completed comfortably. 

  • At 0.5mbps, you’ll be capable of listening to music and sending emails.
  • At 1 Mbps, you’ll be able to stream basic videos
  • At 2 Mbps, standard definition streaming is available without major buffering.
  • At 5 Mbps, undisrupted high definition streaming is possible.
  • At 8 Mbps, you’ll be able to complete video streaming and some other activities at once.
  • At 15Mbps, a few video streams are possible simultaneously.
  • At 25Mbps, pre-recorded Ultra HD streaming is possible.
  • At 40Mbps, streaming live Ultra HD without disruption is possible.

The upload speeds will impact what can be sent from your computer too. Depending on the type of usage, as well as how many people are using the facilities simultaneously, you’ll want to check that your internet speed is up to scratch.

If it isn’t, you may need to look at alternative broadband packages.