Best Sky Broadband Deals in June, 2024

Compare Sky broadband deals for your home in minutes.

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Compare Sky Broadband Deals in 2024

Sky broadband offers multiple broadband deals. But, with so much choice, it can be tough to know which of these deals are the best Sky broadband packages in 2024. 

Best known for its defining digital TV service, Sky is a telecommunications giant that offers not only broadband but also landline, mobile, and the aforementioned digital TV.

Sky has been providing broadband for over 15 years and is now one of the leading superfast fibre broadband providers. 

Sky broadband can be an excellent option for millions of people, but to see if they’re the right provider for your needs, you can use Switch My Broadband to compare all the major UK providers. If you want to know more about Sky Broadband, here’s a detailed guide on all that you need to know.

Who is Sky Broadband?

Sky is the pioneer of digital and satellite TV in the United Kingdom. Back in 1989, Sky first launched its satellite TV service, completely revolutionising how the British public consumes media. 

Over time, Sky has become a massive name in the telecommunications industry and now offers other products such as landlines, mobile networks, and, of course, broadband. 

In fact, despite having its start as a TV provider, Sky has grown to become the second biggest provider of broadband, being beaten only by BT. 

One significant component of Sky’s TV package is its sports section, which is its most subscribed package of television content. This launched in 1991 and has grown to become the leading place to catch a lot of sports. In fact, this comprehensive coverage of different sports makes Sky broadband, that’s bundled with TV, such an attractive option for many customers. 

Sky’s broadband options are relatively young when compared to its many other services. Launching in 2005, Sky has focused on delivering fast and reliable speeds, honing in on fibre optic technology and cable to deliver its broadband. It also uses the Openreach network, created by BT and is widely available, meaning that many homes in the UK can get Sky broadband to some extent. 

In terms of its position in the broadband market, Sky appears to be more of a premium product. Its price point reflects this, as it’s one of the more expensive options. However, when you get Sky, you can get access to download speeds that outperform other budget options, meaning that it’s a good option for high-demand internet users and households with many family members all using the internet simultaneously.

Sky Broadband Deals Explained

With Sky broadband, you can get multiple packages that include many services that go beyond just broadband. Sky offers contracts that bundle a landline, digital TV, and mobile data alongside your broadband. You can also get packages that provide different speeds, ranging from 35Mbps to 500Mbps. 

When selecting your broadband package from Sky, you first choose from the Sky broadband deals available to you. These will differ in price, and each deal is defined by the average download and upload speed that you can get. 

Once you’ve chosen your broadband package, you can then select which add on’s you want. You can add Sky TV, Sky Talk, their landline service, and mobile services. 

Bundling products together into one product can make things easier to manage, increase the value of the package, and give you access to services for a discounted price.

Broadband only 

When selecting your broadband package, you’ll need to select which tier of broadband you want. These range from Superfast 35 to their Ultrafast Plus options. 

When selecting these packages, be conscious of how much broadband you actually need. It’s easy to overpay for a deal you simply don’t require, and many people also commonly get a broadband package that can’t handle their demand. If you’re a heavy internet user, ensure you get a package that can handle that.

Once you have selected your broadband package, you’ll have the option to add something called Broadband Boost. For an extra £5 a month, this adds regular line checks, an engineer, and Wi-Fi boosters to your package, ensuring that you’ll maintain quality broadband and that issues are fixed quickly. 

Adding TV 

Once you’ve selected the type of package you want, you’ll have the option to add the famous Sky TV service to your contract.

Starting at an additional £14 a month, when you select this added package, you’ll be able to get access to 150 channels that span multiple genres. Some of the most popular include Sky Atlantic, Sky News, and Sky Arts, to name just a few. With this, you will also get access to multiple Freeview channels, and you’ll also get an on-demand service that will allow you to watch multiple box sets and exclusive Sky Orignal programs. 

You can also add Sky Sports to your contract, but this will have to be done separately. Sky Sports is one of Sky’s more sought-after services and allows customers to watch over 400 games of football, plus other sports. The issue with Sky Sports is that it’s rather pricey, costing an additional £44 if you want access to all of the sports channels. 

Adding Landline

Sky’s landline service is known as Sky Talk and can be added to any broadband package. No matter what package you get, some Sky talk services are included as standard without the need to pay extra. 

This basic Sky Talk service is known as Pay As You Talk and is where you’re charged for every minute that you use. This basic option can become expensive if you use your landline often, meaning it may be best to add a more comprehensive Sky Talk plan to your broadband package. 

For an added £5 a month, you can get free evening and weekend calls. This means you’ll have unlimited minutes to call UK mobile and landline numbers during this period. 

If you want to be able to call people without any extra fees at any time, then their Anytime Extra Sky Talk package can be useful. This gives you unlimited minutes and costs an additional £12 a month to your contract. 

Finally, for those that require the ability to make calls internationally without any extra fees, you can get their International Extra package which allows you to call 50 worldwide destinations. This package costs an additional £14 a month.

What do customers say about Sky Broadband deals?

To get a good indication of what a broadband provider is like, it may be worth your while looking at past reviews and comments left by previous customers. 

By looking at what past customers have had to say, you can get insight into the aspects of the business that work well and aspects that need improvement. For many people, reviews can be what encourages a customer to choose a particular broadband provider, so they’re an essential part of your search. 

A combination of the average ratings and isolated comments Sky Broadband has received can help you get an idea of the quality of service that you can expect from the provider. 

Here’s an in-depth look at how Sky Broadband ranked on the leading review aggregator, Trustpilot. This website typically has the most reviews and measures to ensure that all the reviews are genuine, making it a very trustworthy source. All their ratings are out of 5 stars. 

If you want to find out how Sky Broadband compares with the other broadband providers we review on Switch My Broadband, you can use our switching guide to see how it sizes up with the others. 

Sky Review Score

After over 9,000 individual reviews, Sky broadband has a rating of 1.5 stars out of 5. This puts it in the bad category for all businesses on Trustpilot. Although this review score in isolation appears to be terrible, it’s important to note that compared to other broadband providers, it’s not that bad. 

When comparing all broadband providers, you’ll find that the vast majority will have a poor score of under 2 stars out of 5. This doesn’t mean that all broadband providers are rubbish. In fact, a lot of broadband providers are said to be some of the leading businesses when it comes to customer value. 

Instead, many broadband providers, including Sky, have a low rating because people are often harsher in their reviews. People are far less likely to be lenient and understanding if something goes wrong because broadband is an essential service. You’ll also see a lot of essential services, such as gas companies, water companies, and those that sell car insurance, also have low scores. This is because any issues often lead to a very stressful time for a customer, which will be reflected in a review. 

So, to get the best understanding of how good Sky broadband is, you need to compare it with the scores of other broadband providers. When you do that, you’ll see that it ranks similarly to BT, one of the most used and trusted broadband providers. 

When you dig a bit deeper at the skew of reviews, you’ll see that 10% of the users have given it a 5-star review. Although low for a typical business, that percentage is pretty high for broadband providers and shows that Sky can provide a great service for you. 

82% of people did give it a 1-star review, though, and there are many reasons why people have had issues with Sky. 

Common Complaints

Among all the complaints, it’s super clear that an issue cropping up time and time again is reports of poor customer service. Many have stated that it can take a long time to be put through to a phone operative, and even when you’ve reached someone, you’ll likely be passed around from different departments and will spend a lot of time not getting to a solution for a problem.

Another aspect of reportedly poor customer service is that Sky doesn’t offer much assistance when switching broadband providers, leaving you to manage it yourself. 

Regarding the quality of the broadband, many people complain that they experience outages and dips in performance. To Sky’s defence, this could be because a customer was sold a package that does not have the speed requirements to match their usage. Even still, if this was the case, there would be no support in guiding a customer on how to improve the situation. 

Sky Broadband Common Praises

Although many reviewers have hounded Sky broadband for various reasons, they still do have plenty of positive reviews that illustrate that they can be and likely will be a good option for your broadband. 

A few 5-star reviews have called out the efficiency of installing a Sky satellite and fibre broadband connection. The process was swift, professional, and handled in a good manner. This is a big plus for Sky broadband, especially if you’re getting digital TV. As you require a satellite, an installation is not optional. Knowing that it’s quick and handled well demonstrates that you should have a good experience too. 

Another common theme among positive reviews is that they’ve made their cancellation process pretty easy and hassle-free. For one comment, which had the awkward and tragic situation of cancelling a contract for a dead relative, the process was seamless and not drawn out. Knowing that you can cancel easily is great for those who may be keen to switch between broadband providers regularly to save money. 

Sky Awards

Sky broadband has picked up a few awards in recent years that demonstrate that it’s a reliable and quality service that should be considered. Awards are usually given out to recognise quality, meaning that any awards that Sky has received show that they are a broadband provider you can trust. 

Sky broadband won a gold standard customer service award this year in the 2022 Choose Broadband awards. This means that Sky has been recognised as helpful and efficient at sorting problems and has provided a good experience for most who sought help from Sky.  

Sky has also won the Best TV award at the Choose Broadband awards too. This means that if you’re looking to get digital TV with your Sky broadband deals, you won’t get anything better anywhere else.

Best Sky Broadband Packages

Sky offers many different broadband packages, with many differing in terms of download speeds and additional services. You can get broadband packages from Sky that includes multiple TV channels, a toned-down version of their broadband package with a few essential channels, or Sky broadband that gives you a broadband-only service. 

This amount of choice is excellent for consumers, as it means that you can get whatever type of package that you want from Sky. However, having multiple types of broadband packages can make it hard to compare them and figure out the best Sky broadband packages. 

To make things simpler and to demonstrate the different price points and services that you can get, the packages explored in this guide will be broadband-only deals that do not include TV services. 

This makes comparison a lot easier to follow. 

It’s important to note that when comparing all these different packages, the prices displayed here may differ from what you’re offered. This is because specific packages are cheaper in one location than they may be in another. This can be because of how rural a location is. 

It’s also useful to remember that you may not have access to all the available packages that Sky broadband offers. Some areas and properties may struggle to get the fastest fibre broadband because of how their properties are connected to their on-street connection boxes. 

To ensure that everything is consistent within this article, the prices quoted for the following packages are for an address in Essex. This was chosen because it’s semi-rural yet close to a major city and has access to all the Sky broadband deals on offer. 

Superfast 35 

Price: £30.50 per month

Average Speed: 35-36Mbps

For most households, the slowest package that you can get is Sky’s Superfast 35. This package gives you around 35Mbps of download speed, which is perfect for small households who want to browse websites and stream content. 

This broadband is a type of FTTC connection. This means that it’s a hybrid fibre connection where superfast speeds are sent to your on-street connection box but are then slowed down as they’re transported over copper phone lines to your home. 

Sky does offer an essential package that has speeds of 11Mbps. However, you won’t be advertised this package if you’re able to get their fibre speeds, which most households can. 

When you get this broadband package, Sky will provide a guarantee that you’ll have wall-to-wall Wi-Fi. This means that there shouldn’t be any areas in your home where you have a weak signal. 

The upload speeds of this package are pretty good, too, averaging at around 9.5Mbps. This means uploading data like images shouldn’t take too long; however, large files can still cause slowdowns. 

What’s great about this Sky broadband package is that they provide a minimum speed guarantee of 35Mbps. This essentially means that you should expect no drops in quality at all, no matter the time. 

With this package, you can also add something called Broadband Boost. This costs an extra £5 a month and acts as an insurance policy to ensure everything is working properly. You’ll get daily line checks to see if there are any faults, the ability to schedule engineer visits, and Wi-Fi Boosters. 

You can also add TV to this package for £14 a month. This gives you access to their entertainment channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Arts. 

The issue with this broadband deal is that it’s pretty expensive compared to other providers offering similar speeds. Plus, even when you focus only on Sky packages, there’s better value to be had in some of their faster options. 


Price: £30.50 per month

Average Speed: 75Mbps 

Sky’s Superfast broadband package is perhaps one of the best that you should go for because it’s one of the cheap Sky broadband deals while still giving you a lot. 

For the same price as this Superfast 35 deal, you get double the broadband speed, which is great value for money. With speeds of around 75Mbps – although that can be a bit slower depending on where you live – you’ll have a broadband connection which can handle unlimited gaming and stream on multiple devices. 

Another thing that makes this broadband package even better and even greater value for money is that Sky regularly runs promotions on this package. Currently, they’re giving away this package for free for three months, meaning that you only pay the monthly £30.50 for the final 15 months of your contract. 

With this package, you get upload speeds of around 16Mbps, which can handle large files well and should make uploads snappy and responsive. Plus, with a minimum speed guarantee of 50Mbps for downloads, you’ll still experience a fast speed that can handle most, even during peak times. 

Much like the Superfast 35, you’ll get wall-to-wall coverage no matter how big your home is, and for an extra £5 a month, you can get Wi-Fi boosters and regular line checks to ensure the broadband you’re getting is quality and has no issues. 

TV can also be added to this package for an additional £14, which gives you access to the basic and most popular Sky entertainment channels. Sports will cost a bit more. 

Because this broadband package costs the same as the previous one but gives you so much more, it’s easily one of the best Sky broadband packages you can get and is a great option even when compared with other providers. 


Price: £35 per month

Average Speed: 150Mbps 

Sky broadband’s Ultrafast option offers a lot quicker average speeds, making it suitable for people who want to stream and game in Ultra HD. It can handle multiple users at once, making it perfect for families with multiple heavy internet users who may be online simultaneously. 

This speed is also great for people working from home who need a solid broadband connection to download and upload files and video calls without any buffering. With an upload speed of around 25Mbps, you’ll be able to share files quickly and easily, helping you to be efficient when online. 

This broadband deal from Sky also comes with a guaranteed speed of 100Mbps. This means that no matter what time of day you’re using the broadband or how many people are using it, you should still have reliable speeds that can handle intense usage. 

You also get a guarantee that you’ll be able to get a Wi-Fi signal in every area of the home, helping to ensure that this is one of the most reliable and best Sky broadband packages. 

Because it has Ultrafast speeds that are great for streaming and watching in HD, this package works well when bundled in with HD TV services from Sky. You can add TV to this package for an extra £14; with that, you’ll get access to multiple channels and on-demand capabilities. 

You can also pay an extra £5 a month to get the Sky Broadband Boost. This gives you access to premium engineers who can quickly fix issues, daily line checks to catch faults, and Wi-Fi boosters to ensure you get your minimum speeds throughout your entire property. 

Costing £35 a month, this package is on the expensive side, especially when it’s bundled with a comprehensive TV service. It’s not one of their cheap Sky broadband deals, but it’s still a good option if you want quality speed and service. 

Ultrafast Plus 

Price: £45 per month 

Average Speed: 500Mbps 

Sky’s Ultrafast Plus package takes fibre broadband speeds to another level and completely outranks its other plans. With this plan, you get a huge amount of data quickly, allowing you to download huge files such as videos and games in a matter of minutes. 

This package is designed for heavy users who may be streaming and playing online games. It also works for those who are working from home and need the speed to handle a lot of data. 

For many, this package will be overkill, as most users who stream video and play video games will never need speeds of this quality. The difference between this package and the previous one may be unnoticeable if you’re not using much data. 

With that said, with a minimum speed guarantee of 400Mbps, you’ll be able to continue to stream, game, and download content even during peak times with multiple users without experiencing any noticeable slowdowns or blips of quality. 

You also get upload speeds of up to 60Mbps, which will help you upload various forms of content in a flash. 

This is an expensive package costing £45 a month and is the only one you should consider if you’re confident that you realistically require the speeds. 

As with the other Sky broadband deals, you can also add TV packages to this option for an extra £14 a month and also add in the broadband boost for another £5 a month. With this package plus any additional extras, you can easily end up with a monthly fee of over £70 a month.

Why Should I Switch To Sky Broadband?

If you’re thinking about switching broadband providers, there are plenty of great reasons why Sky broadband is a great option. 

Perhaps the biggest perk of switching to Sky broadband is that the provider has the most robust and comprehensive digital TV package available in the UK. This means that if you’re looking for a bundled broadband package that includes multiple entertainment and sports channels alongside your broadband, there’s no better option than Sky. 

When you get digital TV bundled into your Sky broadband deals, you’ll have the option to customise it fully, adding certain packages and specific channels to help you build a service that is catered to your specific interests. 

Despite having a great digital TV service, there are also plenty of reasons why Sky is a great provider to switch to if all you want is broadband. 

Currently, Sky broadband has a great range of fibre and superfast services, meaning that the provider can provide fast speeds and handle high demand. 

In addition to all this, Sky is also very good when offering incentives and gifts to new customers. This means you can get even more bang for your buck when you switch to them. 

Some of the benefits that you can get can range from discounts, vouchers for items in certain stores, and even free periods of extra services added to your account. 

Finally, despite a few negative reviews regarding their customer service, Sky has been awarded by multiple organisations for fantastic customer service. Both Ofcom and the Choose Broadband awards have highlighted this feature of Sky, meaning that when you switch to Sky to get their best Sky broadband packages, you’ll get an excellent service.

Why Should I Avoid Sky Broadband?

Sky is a great broadband provider and isn’t one that you should actively avoid. With that said, there may be a few negatives regarding the provider that might mean it’s not right for you. In certain situations, Sky broadband can be outclassed and outranked by other providers who may suit you better. 

For example, Sky may not be your best option if you want a long-term broadband commitment. This is because Sky only offers 18-month contracts, which is shorter than the average 24 months. This awkward contract length means you’ll have to renew your broadband more often, which puts you at risk of price rises. 

One of the biggest issues for Sky broadband customers interested in getting TV services is that you are required to have a satellite dish installed onto your property. These dishes can be unsightly and need to be installed by an engineer, and may increase the set-up costs of your Sky broadband deals. 

This need for a satellite dish may mean that some people cannot get Sky broadband with TV, such as those who live in a block of flats or those renting properties which may not have permission to install one. 

Another thing you need to consider is that Sky broadband is one of the market’s most premium and expensive options. If you’re looking to save money on your broadband, many other great services can give you broadband-only deals for a lot cheaper. One popular, more affordable alternative is Now broadband. Not only can you save a lot when getting broadband packages from Now, but you can also get access to the main Sky channels for cheaper. 

Finally, although Sky still has the most extensive library of digital TV channels, it’s important to be aware of what they have and if it suits what you want. For example, suppose you’re considering getting Sky broadband with TV because you want to access live football. In that case, you need to be aware that they no longer have the rights to major tournaments to the Champions League or Europa League. This can be a major reason to avoid Sky broadband; otherwise, you’ll be paying for a service that doesn’t cater to your wants.

Sky Broadband Deals FAQs

When you get Sky broadband, regardless of if you're getting it with a TV deal, you're usually charged an upfront fee of around £10-£20 to activate your broadband account. This fee can often be waived or reduced through various promotions that Sky runs over the year, but if you need a landline installed, you will have to pay. 

If you're getting Ultrafast broadband that requires a cable to be installed, then an engineer will also need to come to your property. When paying for installation, you'll be charged a service fee for the engineer's time as well as the cost of the landline. More often than not, you'll be charged for this too. 

Plus, if you're getting a broadband deal that comes with TV, then you'll also need a satellite dish to be installed on your property. This will require an engineer, and you will be charged a fee that will alter between £20-£50, depending on the job's complexity and the package you choose.

When you need an engineer to install your broadband through a phone line or through fibre optic, this process can take around an hour and shouldn't interfere much with your day. 

With that said, you have to book a slot for an engineer, and the time you have to wait for them to get to your property can prolong the installation process. 

When getting a TV satellite dish installed, it can take between 10-14 days to schedule a visit by an engineer. Once they're at your property, it can take around two hours to ensure that your satellite is working correctly. 

Thankfully, while waiting for an engineer to install Sky TV in your home, you can access some channels and content through Sky Go, their streaming service. You can use this the instant you sign-up for Sky TV, meaning that you don't have to wait to enjoy the benefits of Sky TV.

No matter what package you get from Sky, even their ultrafast fibre packages, you will need to have a phone line connected to your property. This doesn't mean that you need to have Sky Talk, their landline service; it just means that you need an active phone line in order to receive your broadband. 

Line rental is included in the price of your Sky broadband package, meaning that you don't have to pay anything extra for getting this phone line. You'll also have access to a pay-as-you-go feature, meaning that, unlike other providers who require you to have a landline, you are actually able to use it.

Sky offers a vast spectrum of different broadband speeds, allowing you to create the best Sky broadband deals for you. Speeds start at 11Mbps, however, do note that if your home is capable of supplying fibre broadband, you won't be offered this basic package. 

When getting fibre from Sky, you can have deals with an average download speed of 35Mbps, 75Mbps, 150Mbps, and 500Mbps. Those later speeds are extremely fast and are only helpful if you're a heavy internet user with multiple people streaming and gaming simultaneously in your household. 

Do be aware that depending on where you live, you may not be able to access the top speeds offered by Sky broadband. Many rural locations are limited in terms of what speeds they can get. This means that it's worth checking to see what you can get in your local area before searching for broadband deals on Switch My Broadband. You can complete a search online to find packages that you can get or run a speed test here on Switch My Broadband to see how your current speeds compare with what else is available to you.

Sky broadband offers multiple broadband deals with different price points, with some being better value for money than others. On average, Sky broadband products are more expensive than many of its competitors, and they can get pretty pricey quickly once you add additional features to your contract, like Sky Talk and Sky TV. 

However, some cheap Sky broadband deals are good options for those with a budget, as their Superfast plan gives good speeds, discounts, and extra perks at a price comparable to many other budget options. You can also get free months off your plan, helping to reduce the total cost further. When looking for super fast speeds over 100Mbps, Sky can be one of the better options available, and they also have the added benefit of being widely available in the UK. 

It's important to remember that Sky's prices can change monthly depending on industry changes and promotions, and discounts. Be sure to use a comparison site like Switch My Broadband to help you find the best value broadband deal available.