Compare BT Broadband Deals in June, 2024

Compare BT broadband deals for your home in minutes.

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Compare BT Broadband Deals in 2024

When you get BT Broadband, you’ll be able to choose from various packages offering different download speeds and additional perks and bundles like digital TV or access to a landline. 

BT is one of the most widely available broadband providers in the UK, being able to be accessed in most homes. You can get standard ADSL broadband from BT, as well as the best BT broadband packages that include full fibre. 

BT is trusted by millions of users in the UK a year, meaning that switching to them may be an excellent option for you. 

To help figure out if BT Broadband is suitable for you in 2024, you can use Switch My Broadband to compare BT with broadband deals from other providers. If you want to learn more about BT, here’s a detailed look at what to expect from the provider.

Who is BT?

BT is one of the longest-serving telecommunications businesses in the UK and has been running for over 160 years. This has allowed BT to become an established brand in the broadband market and has been an innovator many times in the past. 

Currently, BT operates and manages the Openreach network. This is a network of cables and wires from which ADSL broadband is transported around the UK. Many broadband providers use this network to provide their broadband. 

As a result of this comprehensive Openreach network that BT uses, it’s currently one of the most accessible providers in the UK. Most households can get BT’s slowest speeds at least. 

BT offers all types of broadband, including ADSL – also known as standard broadband – FTTC fibre broadband, and full fibre optic broadband. 

BT doesn’t just offer broadband. In fact, you can get pretty much any telecommunication service from BT and bundle it into your broadband deals. BT is most well known for providing landlines. This is a phone line that allows you to make and receive calls and use the same wires and cables that standard broadband uses. 

In modern times, BT has also launched a comprehensive digital TV service called BT Sports. This gives you access to many big games, be it Premier League football, international rugby, WWE, Formula 1, and a lot more. This digital TV service has grown quickly to become a legitimate alternative to Sky and is something you can easily add to your package. 

Plus, if you’re looking for mobile services from BT, you’ll be able to get access to EE’s mobile network. As BT owns EE, you’ll be able to get this service added to your BT broadband deals. You can also get a broadband router backed up by EE 4G, which helps ensure that BT is reliable.

BT Broadband Deals Explained

With BT, customers can get various services included in their broadband deals. These services have the potential to improve the value of BT broadband deals. 

By bundling various services into a single broadband deal, you benefit from having only one contract to manage for multiple products, making budgeting easier. Additionally, bundling products together can save you money, especially if you originally planned to get everything separately. 

As you can get many different services added to your BT broadband deals, it makes the provider a great option for most customers. 

With BT, you can get: 

  • Broadband only deals 
  • Broadband and landline deals 
  • Broadband and TV

Broadband only 

A broadband-only package is where all you get is broadband with nothing else. This means that there are no additional extras, making it a basic yet essential broadband package. 

Recently, BT has started to offer its customers broadband-only packages. Previously, you could only get BT broadband with a landline because a copper wire was required to provide the broadband. 

Although you can now get a broadband package that doesn’t include landline access, you still need to get one to provide the broadband. This means that you will still technically have an active landline when you get broadband-only deals with BT. However, the catch is that you won’t be able to use it to make or receive calls. 

If you don’t need access to a landline, this package can be a good option as it’s typically a few pounds cheaper a month, which can help you save money.

If you’re looking for simple and cheap BT broadband deals, then this type of broadband package could be your best option. 

Broadband and landline deals

As BT has been the pioneer of landlines in the UK, BT currently offers one of the best broadband and phone packages in the UK. This is because they are pretty cheap and come with no additional fees, making them very good for value. 

For many providers, you’ll be charged for using your landline in specific ways, such as outside fee-free times or for international calls. With BT, there are no additional charges, meaning you’ll never have to pay any further fees. 

You also get unlimited minutes with BT, meaning you can call people for a long time and as often as you want each month without racking up any additional costs or charges. 

Getting a landline added to your package will usually increase the base price by around £5 a month. This means that a Fibre Essential package – BTs cheapest fibre option – will cost around £31-£34 depending on where you live and if any promotions are running. 

This isn’t the cheapest that you can get broadband and landline deals; however, because there are no additional costs, you may save money if you use your landline often. Plus, the lack of additional charges makes it easy for you to budget your broadband and landline package, as you won’t have additional irregular charges each month, which may be hard to track. 

Broadband and TV

When you get a broadband package from BT, you have the option to add TV services to it. This starts at just £9 a month but can get more expensive depending on what channels you choose to get. 

With BT, you can add Sports channels to your TV package, giving you access to popular sports like Football, Rugby, Formula 1, and more. In addition, you can also get some digital TV channels from Sky – although not many – and you can also get access to Now TV, which allows you to stream various boxsets. 

You can customise the TV packages you add to your deal. This means that you can build a deal that suits your specific interests. Although, if you’re looking to have everything, it can become pretty expensive. 

If you want to get all that BT offers in their TV bundles, you’ll have to pay around £74 a month for their VIP contract. This is in addition to the cost of your broadband, meaning that you can easily end up paying well over £100 a month for broadband and TV. 

You can add BT Sport to your package for an additional £16 a month. This gives you access to their four main sports channels, including exclusive access to the Champions League in football. This is much cheaper than Sky and gives you a great amount of content for a reasonable price.

What do customers say about BT Broadband deals?

It can be beneficial to look at reviews from current and previous customers to get an idea of just how good BT is compared to other broadband providers. Doing this can help you figure out what you should expect from your service and may help you decide for or against BT Broadband. 

By looking at both the average rating of reviews and specific, isolated comments, you’ll be able to get an accurate understanding of what BT Broadband does well and what they struggle with. 

Here’s a detailed look at how BT Broadband ranked on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is the leading review aggregator website and combines the average scores of every single review to give each business an average rating out of five. 

To see how BT Broadband compares to other providers, you can find out the ratings of all the providers we compare in this helpful switching guide on Switch My Broadband. 

BT Broadband Review Score

BT has an average score of 1.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot. When looking at BT’s review score without any context, this can appear to be extremely low and may suggest that it’s not a business worth buying from. 

However, when reviewing all broadband providers’ review scores, you need to be aware that the vast majority rank extremely low compared to an average business. This doesn’t mean that all broadband providers are bad; in fact, many have won multiple awards proving their quality. Instead, this means that broadband providers are often rated harshly by customers. 

You’ll find that businesses that offer essential services typically rank poorly on review sites. Things like gas providers, car insurance companies, and, of course, broadband typically have low scores because when things go wrong, it’s a major inconvenience for the customer. As broadband is an urgent service that people rely on, reviewers may not be that lenient when giving their scores if there’s a delay or an issue. 

That’s why when comparing review scores, you need to compare them against other broadband providers only. In this context, BT Broadband’s score of 1.6 is a pretty average score, and many other providers score worse than it. 

BT has over 11,000 reviews on Trustpilot. This large sample size suggests that this score is genuine and accurately reflects the brand. 

When diving deeper into the skew of reviews, you’ll see that only 7% of reviews gave BT broadband a 5-star review. In contrast, 87% of reviews scored BT Broadband the minimum 1-star review. This makes it clear that the people leaving reviews generally had a bad experience.

BT Common Complaints

Due to a high volume of poor reviews, there’s a large spread of different issues that were brought up in people’s comments, making it hard to pinpoint one specific weak point of BT Broadband that you need to be aware of. 

One recent review complained that there seemed to be no loyalty to current customers, as they were offered a more expensive package when on a call than what was advertised on their website. Another review also stated that they were lied to by the customer service operative, accusing them of saying that the customer could only get BT in their area, which was untrue. 

These two complaints suggest that BT may be looking to get as much money from you as possible and will occasionally try to pull the wool over your eyes to get you to pay more. 

When looking at the complaints, you’ll see that many say that they’ve had a bad time with their customer service team. Many mention that the operatives didn’t appear to know what they were doing, which resulted in issues being unresolved for a long time, usually with no reimbursement money for lack of service. 

Many also complain that scheduled engineer visits never took place, suggesting a drop in BT’s ability to organise things. 

BT Common Praises

Although the sample size of good reviews is pretty small, when you look at these comments, you’ll see that many people often cite that the service they get from BT is fast and reliable. 

This means that when you get BT and get a package that suits your needs, you’ll have a reliable service that can match your demands. Plus, many 5-star reviews also reference the minimum speed guarantee included in the best BT Broadband packages. 

This minimum speed guarantee means that if your speed drops below a certain threshold, you’ll get your money back. One comment also praised the 4G backup router that’s included in many fibre plans. This kicks in when your broadband connection has issues, and it ensures that you can still stay online. This shows that BT can be a reliable service when things are running smoothly.

A few other 5-star reviews also praised how easy the process of moving house while still under contract with BT was. This is a big benefit of BT, making them a good choice as a broadband provider. As BT is available in most homes in the UK, it allows for a more seamless switch.

BT Broadband Awards

If the sheer quantity of low-scoring reviews is making you doubt how good BT broadband is, then it may be worth looking to see if BT has acquired any recent awards. Unlike being reviewed by the general public, certain organisations hand out awards and follow a strict and robust voting system to award the businesses that deserve it most. 

In 2022, BT has picked up a lot of highly-regarded awards from the likes of Uswitch. In addition to winning the Most Reliable Broadband Provider award and the award for being the most popular, BT Broadband also got top prize, as it picked up the Broadband Provider of the Year award, something that it’s won a lot in the past. 

This recognition among reviewers should be enough to prove that BT is a good provider that you should consider if they offer a package that is right for you.

Best BT Broadband Packages

BT offers multiple different packages you can get. These packages alter in average speed, contract length, bundled extras, and more. All these additional factors can make it tough to see which BT broadband deals are the best for you. 

The packages explored in this article will be for broadband-only deals to make the comparison easier to follow and understand. This makes it easier to see what packages are the most value-for-money. 

When comparing these packages, do be aware that not all of them will be available to you, as you may be limited on what speeds you can get depending on where you live. 

You should also be aware that the prices of a package can change depending on where you live. For example, a Fibre 1 package with BT may cost £27 monthly in one location but £28 in another. 

The prices quoted for the following packages are for an address in Essex. This location was chosen as it’s semi-rural yet close to a major city and has access to all the BT Broadband deals available. 

Fibre Essential 

Price: £25.99 – £28.99

Average Speed: 36Mbps

For most households, the cheapest type of broadband that BT’ll offer you is their Fibre Essential plan. This is because the business is trying to move to a fibre-only model in the future, meaning that new customers that can get fibre aren’t being offered their standard package. 

This may seem like a negative, but the truth is that most people will require more than the maximum speed offered by standard broadband, so getting this package will help ensure that you get a good quality of service.

This package is designed to handle everyday browsing, streaming, and sharing and is ideal for a household with a single occupant, such as a flat or studio. 

When you get this package, you’ll have an average download speed of around 36Mbps, and a stay-fast guarantee speed of 18Mbps. This means that if your speed drops below this, you’ll get your money back. 

This package also has an upload speed of 10Mb. This means that uploading videos or pictures will take no more than a couple of minutes at worst. 

With this package, you can also add TV to it, starting from £9 a month. 

This package is a great option if you’re looking for cheap BT broadband deals, as it gives you a great speed that will suit many and comes in at a decent price point. 

Fibre 1 

Price: £26.99 – £29.99

Average Speed: 48Mbps

BT’s Fibre 1 option is one of their most popular broadband deals because it provides a speed that should suit most households with under four active internet users. A speed of 50Mbps should be great at handling superfast browsing, streaming and sharing. This means that your internet should be snappy and responsive. 

This package also has a higher guaranteed speed of 25Mbps. This means that your connection will never drop below this speed, even during peak times. This guarantee can provide peace of mind. 

Although this package is more expensive than the fibre essential plan, it’s worth noting that your upload speeds aren’t increased with this package, meaning that it may not be a good value for money option if you value the ability to upload and share images and videos quickly. 

You can add TV channels like BT Sports to this package for just an additional £16 a month, and you can choose to have it as broadband-only or with it to include a landline phone. 

When choosing this package, BT regularly gives you a speed boost to Fibre 100 for a month, doubling your download speeds free of charge. This can be a taste of what you can expect on even faster packages. 

Fibre 2 

Price: £30.99 – £33.99

Average Speed: 48Mbps – 71Mbps

Fibre 2 is a very good option for BT customers, and because of its reliable speed, it can be one of the best BT Broadband packages. With a maximum download speed of 74Mbps, you can count on this package to provide speeds that can handle multiple devices streaming, gaming, and downloading content from different areas in the house. 

With this package, you get a speed guarantee of 34Mbps, which is a good minimum speed that will ensure that you can continue your internet usage without much slowdown or impact. 

The package also comes with a vastly improved upload speed of 20Mb. This means that images and videos will be uploaded and able to be sent in a flash. 

This package can cost between £30-£34, depending on whether a promotion is running. This makes it a reasonable price for this kind of speed, especially when you compare it against the likes of Sky and Virgin. 

With this package, you can also add TV, helping you customise it to match your needs and preferences. 

Full Fibre 100 

Price: £33.99 – 35.99

Average Speed: 150Mbps

Full Fibre 100 is one of the top speeds you can get with BT Broadband and is a great option for those with a lot of people using the internet all at once at home or who may need reliable speeds for at-home working. 

This type of fibre broadband is known as full-fibre because it uses a fibre connection that goes directly to your home. This is why you can expect an average speed of 150Mbps. Plus, with this package, you get a really stable speed guarantee of 100Mbps. 

These speeds mean that you can reliably do whatever you need to do online. This package also has a super responsive 30Mb upload speed, meaning that you can upload images quickly without waiting a long time for them to be uploaded.

If you’re a household looking for full fibre, this could be one of the best BT broadband packages available, as it’s cheaper than many other fibre options at this speed and is reliable. You are required to get a 24-month contract, however, which can become a hassle if you move to a home that can’t access full fibre during your contract. 

To sweeten the deal, when you get this package, you’ll also be given a free month of Full Fibre 500 so that you can enjoy those amazing speeds and get a taste of ultrafast BT broadband. 

Full Fibre 500

Price: £43.99 – £45.99 

Average Speed: 500Mbps

BT’s Full Fibre 500 package is designed with online gaming and intense high-resolution streaming in mind. This package offers speeds that can handle ultrafast streaming, gaming, and downloads on multiple devices. 

With this connection, you get a dedicated fibre connection directly to your home, helping to ensure that you have amazing speeds. The Stay Fast Guarantee with this speed is 425Mbps, which will ensure that you never notice any drops in performance. 

With the Full Fibre 500 package, you’ll also get six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free. This means that you can access multiple games, providing that you have an Xbox console. 

These speeds are also great for streaming digital TV, which you can with the Sports channels that BT offers for an additional £16 a month. 

This package is pretty expensive, though, being almost £10 more than the Fibre 100 package. This means that you need to be sure that this package is right for you and your needs; otherwise, it could be a waste of money.

Why Should I Switch To BT?

There are many great reasons why you should consider switching to BT Broadband in the future. One of the biggest benefits of the provider is that they offer a wide range of services. This means that you can easily get cheap BT broadband deals that suit your needs and desires. 

Because you can get different types of packages, it means that if you’re a low internet user, you can get a standard broadband package to help save money. Alternatively, you can get a comprehensive bundled package that includes TV, landline, and more. 

BT is also widely available across the UK, making them a good option if you’re looking to switch broadband and need to ensure that you’re getting a provider that can supply broadband to your area. 

When looking to switch to BT, a great incentive to join them over others is because BT broadband can be very generous and off discounts to new customers. For example, at the time of writing, BT is offering deals on all their different packages. Plus, they’re also removing the fee for posting a router. 

It’s also very common to have things like free periods and other things added to your packages, which adds value to your cheap BT broadband deals. 

Another great reason why you should consider BT Broadband is that when you get a contract with them, you’ll also get access to their public Wi-Fi hotspots. BT has set up multiple hotspots across the country that you can access for free when you’re a customer. This ensures you’re connected when out and about, which is a significant benefit for the provider. 

Finally, another great thing about BT is that they offer unlimited broadband packages as standard. This means that there are no download limits. You can stream or download as much as you like without having to pay extra. Granted, most other providers offer unlimited broadband, but for a lot, this is an additional extra that you’ll have to pay for. 

Why Should I Avoid BT?

There are not many significant reasons why BT should be avoided; however, there are situations where it may be better to get broadband from an alternative provider. The biggest flaw with BT is that they’re not the cheapest provider out there. 

Currently, BT is in the middle of the pack regarding their price points. You can get much more expensive packages than BT, but there are also cheaper options. If you’re looking for bargain broadband, then you may have to look elsewhere. 

Plus, if you’re getting BT and are interested in their TV package, it’s worth noting that other providers, like Virgin and Sky, offer more comprehensive services. Although you can get a fantastic sports package from BT, you cannot get a lot of entertainment channels or movies from BT. BT may not be the best if you’re looking for that kind of content. 

Another reason why BT Broadband may not be the best option for you is because they have a fairly disorganised customer service team. There’s been plenty of occasions where issues from previous customers haven’t been resolved, meaning that BT Broadband could become a bit of a hassle if things go wrong and you’re unable to get the support you need. 

Finally, another issue with BT is that you must have a landline to get BT. This can be a problem if your home doesn’t have this connection yet, as you’ll have to pay for installation, which is costly and can also prolong your switch. 

Even when getting their broadband-only packages, a landline must be installed to provide the service. This can leave you a bit short-changed, as you’ll now have a landline but not be able to access it.

BT Broadband Deals FAQs

When getting broadband from BT, you need to have a landline. This is because these landline connections are what is used to transfer the broadband to your home. 

Even when you get fibre broadband from BT, which uses fibre optic cables that contain glass filaments instead of a phone line, the connection from the on-street Openreach boxes to your home still uses a phone line. 

Despite this, you can still get BT broadband that doesn’t include a landline. This means that although you will have a landline used to give you broadband, you won’t be able to use it to make calls. 

When you try to make a call on your landline, there will be no dial tone, and you will also not have a phone number ether.

The speeds you need will differ drastically depending on how you’re using the internet and your specific living arrangement. With that said, there will be a minimum amount of download speeds that you’ll require to make sure that you have a good service and experience with BT Broadband. 

If you’re a light internet user, which means that you only use the internet to browse websites, view emails, or perform other simple tasks, then you’ll be able to do all that with a standard broadband speed of 10Mbps.

If you use the internet for more substantial streaming, such as watching videos on YouTube or social media, then you may need faster speeds of around 30Mbps. This will also allow you to upload images and stream Netflix quickly. However, this speed may not be enough if two or more people are sharing the same broadband. 

If you’re in a family of four and have multiple users streaming or gaming simultaneously, you may need speeds of around 60Mbps to ensure no slowdowns. If you’re watching in 4K, you may need even faster speeds to match the demands. 

For larger families or people who work from home and are dependent on having a fast and stable internet connection, then you’ll need a minimum of at least 100Mbps, with many needing faster speeds than that. 

BT offers packages that can give you speeds between 11Mbps all the way to 500Mbps. When selecting your plan, you must choose a package that matches your requirements. You don’t want a speed that’s too slow for you, but at the same time, you don’t want to waste money on a speed that’s far too good for your requirements.

BT offers different types of broadband, which is good, as it means that their customers have multiple choices on what they can get. Plus, some types of broadband aren’t available everywhere, so offering different options means that most people can get BT regardless of their location. 

The most common type of broadband that BT offers is ADSL. This is also known as standard and is the type of broadband that is transferred through phone lines. BT has a massive network of ADSL connections, meaning that most homes can get this broadband option. 

ADSL provides speeds no greater than 11Mbps, meaning it’s only really suitable for light internet users. 

BT also offers two types of fibre packages. The first is called FTTC fibre. This is where a fibre optic cable is used instead of a phone line to transfer your broadband from the source to your on-street connection box. From here, a copper phone line is still used to get the broadband from the connection box to your home. 

Because FTTC still uses copper wires as part of the process, you can’t obtain speeds greater than 36Mbps, as the copper wire connection slows down the broadband significantly. Despite this, 36Mbps is still suitable for a couple that are both moderate internet users. 

The second fibre option is FTTP, also known as full-fibre. This is where instead of the fibre connection ending at the on-site connection box, it instead goes directly to your home. This means that full-fibre broadband is fast and secure and is the best option if you want snappy speeds. 

You can get speeds up to 500Mbps and more with full-fibre broadband from BT. Just remember that you may not be able to get these BT broadband deals depending on where you live.

BT offers various speeds when you get a package with them. The speeds that you can get will depend on where you live and if you have a phone line. 

For example, a house in a rural area surrounded by mountainous terrain may not be able to get full fibre broadband that can provide speeds of over 100Mbps. Or, a home that doesn’t have a phone line may only be able to get fibre broadband-only deals. 

With that said, if you live in a built-up area, such as a major city, you should be able to get speeds that range from 10Mbps, all the way to 500Mbps and beyond.

BT Broadband is one of the most widely available broadband providers in the country, and most homes will be able to access at least their standard broadband options. 

However, depending on a few factors about your location, you may not be able to get every package that BT offers. Things like how rural you are and the terrain in your local area can make it hard to receive fibre broadband, meaning that you may only be able to get a standard option. 

You can find out what providers operate in your area by searching online. Or, to get an idea of the speeds that you can get in your area, you can use Switch My Broadband to run a speed test.