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Vodafone is one of the most famous and iconic networks in the UK, and the company has managed to build a solid relationship with the general public over the past few decades. Also, the Vodafone Group PLC is one of the biggest network providers in the world and has established itself across almost every continent, with networks here in Europe, as well as abroad in the United States, Africa and the Middle East.

The beauty of using Vodafone as a provider is that because its reach is so extensive, it is consistently exposed to new ideas, technologies and services from other areas. It helps the company stay at the top of its game by offering the millions of customers that rely on the network new products and services that help them communicate with friends, loved ones and work colleagues.

Vodafone has an incredible array of products and services on offer. Not only is the company a network provider, but it also creates its own mobile phone deals, sim only deals and many other applicable telephony products. The Vodafone Passport – soon to switch to Vodafone EuroTraveller – is another key attraction to the network, and offers customers an opportunity to use their smartphones abroad at no extra cost.

Vodafone has an astonishing number of customers across the globe – somewhere in the region of 260 million. Because of its broad reach and high volume, it means that customers old and new alike can enjoy some exceptional deals when it comes to buying the latest mobile devices and network coverage.