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It wasn’t too long ago that Nokia ruled the phone market, but that all changed in 2010 with the Samsung galaxy phones. This innovative phone pushed the company up the popularity list with clever tech including an impressive 5 megapixel camera as well as a rapid operating system.

From then on, Samsung only continued to grow as a mobile phone brand, providing top models again and again. Each Galaxy model has beat the last and they are always pushing the envelope with brilliant new ideas.

As well as providing deluxe phones to eager buyers, Samsung also offers brilliant models that are completely budget friendly. The Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Fame are all designed to be perfect for those looking for a lower price tag while still gaining access to some of the latest features.

People buy Samsung because they have been a trusted provider of the latest tech for years. Today they are a popular brand for everything from TVs, smart watches and various home appliances.

Samsung even followed in the footsteps of Apple, creating Tizen, a bespoke operating system for their phones. Now used in Smart TVs and Phones, Tizen provide Samsung users with operating unit that is both fast and user friendly.

Indeed, Samsung is one of the largest producers of smartphones in the world and is constantly taking technology further than before with fantastic new designs. Known for being durable and reliable, Samsung Galaxy phones are on offer now at fantastic prices from a range of sellers with great contracts available too.

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