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Google Pixel phones were released in 2013 as a replacement to the Nexus. The phones have seen great success and demand since their conception with many buyers choosing them as an alternative to the iPhone. Interestingly, many critics noticed the similarities in design to the iPhone when the Pixel lineup first emerged.

To date, there have been three main generations of Pixel phones with the Pixel 3 and Pixel XL the latest to be unveiled. Each generation provides steady improvements to the design with better displays, sophisticated camera technology and more powerful processors.

The Pixel also provides buyers with a range of designs to choose from as well as various storage possibilities. Right now, there are some fantastic deals on the latest Google Pixel phones as well as the older model.

Some people find Google Pixel phones to be too expensive. But, when you consider the tech incorporated into the devices they are actually a complete steal. If you want a phone with an OLED display that guarantees breathtaking visuals even with a fast charging battery, this is certainly the ideal choice for you.

While we’re focused on phones, it’s worth pointing out the the Pixel lineup extends beyond this and includes everything from laptops to tablets as well. Just like Apple, you can have a whole bunch of Pixel technology right at your fingertips, all of which use the praised Google Play operating system. The phones can run either Chrome OS or the Android operating system ensuring access to software that you can rely on to continue to function effectively.

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