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EE was formed from the merger of Orange and T-Mobile in April 2010, EE (an abbreviation of Everything Everywhere) is now the UK’s biggest 4G network supplier with over 95% coverage. This is supported by a 3G coverage of over 99%, ensuring superfast coverage to millions of users up and down the country.

EE is a part of the BT Group and handles over 150 million calls every single day. In 2012, it became the first network to provide 4G in the UK before introducing 4GEE, 4G+, and WiFi calling in later years. The company utilises the existing infrastructure from Orange and T-Mobile, as well as its own.

The phone provider is highly regarded for its fantastic coverage, which enables reliable and high-quality calls, texting, browsing, gaming, and downloading. EE provides SIM-only deals, PAYG, and contract mobile phone deals, serving over 30 million UK residents with their personal and business needs.

Double speed 4G now covers over 80% of the UK population, and that figure continues to climb as EE upgrades its facilities. In 2018, the phone provider also became the first to use ‘smart number technology’ allowing customers to use the same number across multiple phone devices.

In addition to the exceptional value and service offered as standard, EE offers a plethora of add-ons to customers, allowing them to take advantage of even greater value when roaming abroad of calling foreign countries from the UK.

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