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Compare EE Broadband Deals

Compare the best deals from EE broadband. Many people may associate EE primarily with mobile phone contracts, which have long been the lead product from this respected company. EE emerged as a result of the merger between T-Mobile and Orange and has since gained an impressive reputation for the quality and affordability of the mobile phone contracts it provides.

However, there is more to modern-day EE than mobile phone deals alone, as the introduction of EE broadband deals shows. EE provides a home fibre broadband service that is suitable for domestic customers, with impressive speeds of up to 67Mbps.

There is a downside to EE broadband; it is not available on a standard provision, so customers must live in an area that has been upgraded to BT’s Infinity network. However, for those who live in such an area, EE may well be worth considering.

Customers will receive a free router to access the service, and will also receive data upgrades if they purchase their mobile phone contract through the provider.

As is fairly standard, EE broadband deals are provided on an 18-month contract, and certain packages also include a free copy of Norton Security, which retails at nearly £60.

If you do not live in a BT Infinity area, EE is still worth considering for home broadband – though via their exemplary 4G service, which has consistently shown to be one of the fastest and most reliable available. While 4G at home may seem like an unusual step, this option is certainly worth considering if your area is still awaiting its Infinity upgrade.

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